LEMFO LF22 Review | Bluetooth Waterproof Sports Smartwatch

Are you looking for a smartwatch and need suggestions for a good one? Okay, today here I am with a Smartwatch’s review. It is LEMFO LF22 and you will find the full specification here. What’s good here and what’s not that much helpful for you, the design and everything about LEMFO LF22 will be discussed in this article. Follow me if you want to get a full “LEMFO LF22 Bluetooth Waterproof Sports Smartwatch – BLUE 2’s product review.

LEMFO LF22 Review

Let go in deep. Now we will discuss the main features of LEMFO LF22 in details and how they can be helpful in your daily life.

No More Worries on Water, Its IP68 Waterproof

LEMFO LF22 is waterproof now and if you always have to stay near water, this is perfect for you.

If you have to perform a lot of field works or outdoor activities, you can use this waterproof watch always as you don’t have to worry about rainy days or other staffs as well.

You will find a lot of waterproof smartwatches nowadays. But in practice, many of them don’t work as a waterproof one. But from personal experience and user opinions, this LEMFO LF22 works perfectly as a waterproof one. So why won’t you give a try if you looking for something like that?

LEMFO LF22 Review | Bluetooth Waterproof Sports Smartwatch

Sports Monitor, a Real Smart Assistant for Little Workout Lovers

Now you will see the interesting feature of LEMFO LF22. It will help you as an assistant. Let’s see what’s happening.

If you a morning walker or love to walk and want to keep the track of your movements, then LEMFO LF22 smartwatch will keep the records of your pedometer, calories, walking distance and other movements as well. That’s the reason it is called ‘Sports Smartwatch’.

If you are somehow a sports person, then you should consider this if you need one as you can it will be helpful for you.

LEMFO LF22 Review | Bluetooth Waterproof Sports Smartwatch

Long Lasting Battery, No More Worries About Batteries

LEMFO LF22 is giving you 290 mAh button battery and this is above average for a smartwatch. You don’t have to worry about its battery.

In saving battery mode, it will give you standby service up to 12 months. You don’t have to charge normally if you keep it in saving battery mode.

Usb Plugging System

If you want to charge your battery, then you can charge it via USB plug with a USB cable and it’s interesting, huh?

As I experienced, I have to mention the charging system of LEMFO LF22 is faster and efficient. This is helpful in many cases as we buy a smartwatch for about fulltime usage, not for charging!

Remote Control System

LEMFO LF22 is giving you the opportunity of controlling your phone calls remotely. This is the most interesting feature. Though you won’t buy a watch for the remote controlling system, it’s interesting, huh?

You can take your phone calls via your LEMFO LF22 smartwatch. Not only that it will show caller id, caller name and even you can get phone call reminder in it. This is helpful when you are in a situation not to take out your smartphone to pick a call and then, you can easily pick that call via that watch on your wrist.

It is also offering you the exciting features like remote camera, message reminder etc.

Physically Strong and Durable

LEMFO LF22 is made of silicone materials and it’s perfect for heavy usage. The round shaped band is made of silicone materials and the case is made of alloy materials.

LEMFO LF22 Review

Specification And Design

Do you want to know a little bit more about LEMFO LF22? Okay then, Let’s see what’s happening here.

It’s a product of  LEMFO brand and Its IP rating is IP68.

It’s a Bluetooth enabled smartwatch. You can connect your watch to your smartphone and enjoy the exciting features.

It’s obviously alarm enabled and you can access 3 groups of alarms. Alarm type is beeping.

Its screen size is 1.4 inch and you have to press the buttons to operate the smartwatch; it’s not a touchscreen smartwatch.

You can connect this watch to your smartphone and then you can enjoy many features like remote camera, phone call picking etc. It supports only Android and IOS operating systems and your smartphone’s OS version must be IOS 7.0 or above (If it is IOS) and Android 4.0 or above (If it is Android).

This LEMFO LF22 is very light weighted and its weight is only 0.0870 kg.

You will get a user manual to help you understand every matter with LEMFO LF22.

LEMPHO LF22 Review

Now let’s talk about its overall design. Nowadays a watch is not only a ‘watch’ thing but also a fashion thing, a sports thing, and other staffs. So the design matters, huh?

  • First of all, it’s a light weighted smartwatch and this feels so comfortable when you are about to use it fulltime, telling this from my experience.
  • Next thing you have to consider its durability. Obviously, this smartwatch is durable and its component are strong enough to stay a long time with you!
  • You already have known everything about LEMFO LF22. Now comes it looks. This is a light weighted smartwatch but its look is heavy! And it looks great with its exciting features working background.

Is Nothing bad?

I don’t want to write anything negative about LEMFO LF22! Fun apart, I found nothing remarkable to mention here. But if this a touchscreen smartwatch, then it would be greater. Though it has many exciting features, I think it could be a touchscreen smartwatch!

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So, have you gone through my whole review? If you are reading this line, you have known everything you have to know about LEMFO LF22 Bluetooth Waterproof Sports Smartwatch. It’s a better one if you are searching one for heavy usage and comfortable to use every time as well. Everything seemed fine to me. Go get a try if you find this amazing!


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