Leji VR Mini Review: Tiny VR Headset for $9

When the Leji VR Mini Headset came out I was quite excited, and was expecting a U-NOTON VR Headset killer but after testing & reviewing it, it was quite disappointing to say the least, all because of one thing…

You can watch the video review here:


It is pretty simple, everything comes in a small box, you got your Headset, the strap that you attach your self, the manual that does not come with a QR code, and a nice cleaning microfiber cloth.


Size & Build Quality:

It is very portable, in fact it is smaller than the Cardboard 1.0 & 2.0 as well as the U-NOTON


Phone Compartment:

The phone compartment is made up of a slide in clip mechanism, that for the most part, does a pretty good job at keeping your phone safe


For some reason if you take a look it is slanted at an angle, they claim it is for better experience, I did not find a difference


You can also see on top the arrow that points towards the phone compartment that is your centering indicator


Focus Adjustments:

There are 2 side buttons that allow the headset to be easily refocus adjusted, pressing both at the same time pops out the compartment that is spring loaded and clicks back incrementally for fine focus adjustments.



DSC05476 DSC05477


The strap is pretty good, it is very long, but also tiny as well, it is Velcro and does not slip and slide, overall a good and simple strap that gets the job done

DSC05487 DSC05488 DSC05501 DSC05503


The lens is pretty good but not the best, its ok in sharpness, not super sharp. The FOV on the other hand is claimed to be around 96 degrees which I have to disagree and say its more along the line of 86 degrees, you can easily see the edges when its extended, yes the lenses are also IPD adjustable, you move them by hand each


Facepad & Nose Room:

This is where literally everything falls apart here and ruined. The face pad is made up of a nice fabric mesh sponge materiel. But the problem is that it is too thin to the point where your face & forehead will touch the plastic edges and the area in-between the lenses which is not comfortable

And to make matters worse, it has the worlds largest nose room of 15mm thick in depth!
It is just ridiculous how small it is. The problem is, your nose will get squished no matter what you do, even if you remove the strap and use it by holding it up to your face by hand, you will not have a good experience



It was great up to the comfort part, which has completely failed. It has a great build quality, design, and many functions you don’t see in headsets as small as this one, but the comfort level is way below even the cardboard 1.0

DSC05506 DSC05473 DSC05478DSC05498


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