Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun is One Of The “Top Ten People of the Year in 2017”

”I think this honor belongs to 18,000 Xiaomi employees and this is their joint efforts to obtain it, so this is quite Important for me and I am very excited”, Lei Jun commented very gratefully with the organizers for recognizing him.

In the ceremony act of the Top Ten Annual Character Awards Ceremony, jointly organized by Sina Finance, People’s Daily and Wu Xiaobo Channel, the CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun is selected as one of the “Top Ten People of the Year in 2017”.

He was described as a “man of science and technology” because in his position Xiaomi has achieved his financial goals in 2017. Specifically for his strategy in the retail sector, small entrepreneurs and new projects that have relied on the brand. This design that seeks quality and constant innovation has become an example for the globalized economy.

Xiaomi Lei JunTop Ten People 2017

Born in Xiantao, a small city in the central Chinese province of Hubei, Lei Jun has become a powerful visionary compared in many cases with the late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. In essential journals such as Forbes, Lei Jun was chosen as the “2014 Businessman” and his company Xiaomi was selected as the highest valued emerging company of the year. In 2017 he ranked # 25 in China Rich List and # 36 in Richest In Tech.

Prior to Xiaomi, Jun was an investor in China’s initial Internet market and one of the co-founders of start-ups like – bought by, and the recently YY Inc. And now, with only 48 years, Lei Jun is part of the generation of Chinese computer gurus along with his friends and rivals Jack Ma, Ma Pony and Robin Li, presidents of Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu respectively.

Xiaomi Lei JunTop Ten People 2017

“In the past two years, Xiaomi has taken remedial measures to adjust and consolidate the foundation. In the past year, it should be said that it has successfully reversed its trend. In the recent period, we have made great efforts in globalization and are making efforts in the new retail industry. We also made a great deal of design effort. In the past year, we won the gold medal in the world’s four major design awards. This is the first time a Chinese company has done so.” Said Lei Jun with high emotion.

Lei Jun directs Xiaomi to the Top

The demand for their smartphones is so high that the shipping goal has increased from 80 million to 90 million units. And the company has managed to reach levels of top technological giants like Samsung in the Indian market.

Xiaomi Lei JunTop Ten People 2017

The ceremony held at the Beijing Performing Arts Center also awarded different magnates of the industry. Among them IFC President, Liu Qingfeng, founder and CEO of Group 360, Zhou Hongyi, founder, and CEO of Ai Qiyi, Gong Yu, President Hisense Group, Zhou Houjian and president of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, Li Chuyuan.


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