LeEco Epic 919: Amazes With Offers You Cannot Refuse

LeEco Epic 919 Superfans FestivalEpic 919 is a festival that is kicked off by LeEco of China over in India, the world’s largest democracy. Just what is the Epic 919 SuperFans festival? It happens to be one of the largest global online shopping extravaganzas, although we do wonder how does it stack up to Alibaba’s Singles’ Day that racked up $9.3 billion in sales within 24 hours.

Epic 919 SuperFan festival: What You Need To Know

The Epic 919 SuperFan festival is an event that kicked off live from midnight of September 19, 2016 on as well as Flipkart. In the Epic 919 SuperFan festival, you will be dazzled by a ton of special discounts and deals, especially if you would like to invest in a new LeEco superphone or one of their SuperTVs.

Expect the Epic 919 SuperFan festival to be a 24-hour shopping extravaganza, with offers that are worth US$7.38 million after conversion. This is in line with LeEco’s vision of being as accessible to as many people as possible, carrying the intention of enhancing their everyday life. In fact, LeEco would most probably carry the distinction of being the first Internet technology company to kick start an online shopping festival over in India at such scale.

If you have been holding out on a Le 2 smartphone all this while, now’s the time to strike while the iron is hot. Purchasing the Le 2 on will see users obtain LeMall coupons that are worth Rs 3,000 (~US$45), in addition to 10% cashback on HDFC credit and debit Cards, a MakeMyTrip Gift card that is worth Rs 2000 (~US$30) in addition to a 1 year LeEco Membership that has a Rs 4,900 (~US$73) value.

Those who are rocking to Flipkart will be able to obtain another Rs 3,000 (~US$45) discount, in addition to what was mentioned above.

Another deal that you could consider would be the flagship Le Max2 superphone that will carry similar benefits, save for the inclusion of free CDLA earphones to boot and a Rs 6,000 (~US$90) MakeMyTrip discount voucher. As for the Le 1s Eco, this smartphone will also come with its fair share of discounts, although it would not cause too much of a dent in the final sticker price.

TV hunters will definitely be happy to hear that LeEco’s SuperTVs are also on sale, with the Super3 X55 going for a free six month instalment via EMI on and Flipkart. users will also benefit from a free 2.1-channel SoundBar with Wireless Subwoofer that would normally set one back by Rs 19,999 (~US$300) if you pre-book.

Should you wish to keep the Super3 X55 company with a LeMax2 superphone, then that will result in another Rs 3,000 (~US$45) discount off on the smartphone.

With the Super3 Max65 or Super3 X65 models, buyers will also benefit from six months of free instalments via EMI on both and Flipkart. Throw in a two-year LeEco membership into either deal, and it is too good to refuse.

Other accessories from LeEco are also on sale if you are interested, and since Christmas is not too far down the road (you don’t know just how fast time flies these days), it would be nice to be prepared early this time around.

So far, the amount of music sold has surpassed the 4 billion yuan target, hitting 4.48 billion yuan in total. Not only that, the number of LeEco smartphones sold in the Epic 919 SuperFan festival has passed a million handsets, while 802,000 SuperTVs will be heading to new homes from the warehouse very, very soon. Since this is a 24-hour sale, you might want to get cracking as soon as possible.


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