Leaked Geekbench Photos Hint at Pinecone Chip on Xiaomi Mi 5C

The Xiaomi Mi 5 has been considered as the best creation of the company ever. So it’s reasonable why the manufacturer launches different versions of that phone. I mean last year Xiaomi updated the Mi line with the Mi 5S and Mi 5S Plus. Alas, they didn’t succeed due to unknown reasons. As of now, the company going to unleash a new continuation to the Mi 5 dubbed as the Xiaomi Mi 5C. C stands for cheap, as many think. Therefore, the phone should come with features incomparable to high-end models like ths Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Mi MIX. But are you sure the Xiaomi Mi 5C will be a regular mid-range? The latest leaks showcase the phone will have a few selling points including the unusual appearance and self-made chip. Today a new spotted screenshot makes as to think Xiaomi takes its mid-range smartphones to a new level. Keep on reading to find out how.

We have learned the first devices to sport Xiaomi’s own-developed Pinecone SoC should be the Mi 6S and Mi Note 3. But it turns out this rumor is true for the V970 model, while the Pinecone V670 model can appear on other devices and it can happen sooner than expected. The first nominee for this mission is the Xiaomi Mi 5C codenamed as the Xiaomi Meri. But this phone has been leaked for a few times showing there can be several variants. One of them has been spotted with a Snapdragon 825 CPU. And the next one came with Pinecone. However, this doesn’t mean the manufacturer will release several models for the same phone. I mean, it’s quite possible, but this is unlikely to happen.

Today a new screenshot with Geekbench 4 results have been spotted. What we can learn from these leaked photos? First, the phone is called as the Xiaomi Meri. It runs on Android 7.1.1. Third, the Xiaomi Meri features an octa-core processor of an unknown manufacturer. It’s clocked at 1.4GHz. Other than that, the devices is packed with a 3GB of RAM. And finally, the Xiaomi Meri (aka Xiaomi Mi 5C) scored 762 points at single-core test and 3399 at multi-core test.

Xiaomi Meri geekbench Xiaomi Meri geekbench

If comparing to the Snapdragon 625 chip that has been rumored to appear on the Xiaomi Mi 5C we can see real differences. First of all, this chip is clocked at 2.02GHz. Second, it scores about 808 at single-core and 3180 at multi-core tests. So we have all reasons to think we are dealing with the first Pinecone chip made by Xiaomi.

As a conclusion, the Xiaomi Mi 5C has been leaked for a few times. All those spotted photos showcased the phone will come with an ellipse-shaped Home button. But the latest leak showed the company has cancelled this button. So if this photo is actual, the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 5C will look amazing. Thus it will have two selling points – button-less design and own-made chip. Moreover, it should be too attractive in terms of piricing – 999 yuan ($145). I guess other brands will have no chances to compete in the thousand-yuan market.



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