Leagoo S10: 4050mAh Battery With Quick Charge Confirmed!

The device will also feature 18W Quick Charge technology and compatibility with wireless charging

The euphoria of the followers of Leagoo increases as the release date of the new Leagoo S10 approaches, now the promising Asian brand announces officially that its new flagship will have a 4050mAh battery and the Smartphone will be compatible with 18W Fast Charge technology, as well as the incorporation of the wireless charging feature for more convenience.

These features make the new Leagoo S10 a device made for the daily life of the users, ensuring a long time of use and a comfortable and innovative charging method, and thanks to its 18W Fast Charge technology, it will also require less time than other smartphones to be fully charged.

The new flagship of Leagoo reveals more incredible specifications

Leagoo S10

The Asian brand has been showing step by step the surprises that the Leagoo S10 brings, starting with its high-end design with the notch at the top of the screen, as well as frames reduced to a minimum allowing a much more complete visual experience.

Leagoo S10 1

The new Leagoo S10 will feature first-class market features, previously the Asian brand officially confirmed that the device will have a 6.21-inch AMOLED screen, with 19:9 aspect ratio and FHD + resolution that will take the visual experience of the users to another level, in addition to having a fingerprint reader integrated in the same screen, being the the most affordable Smartphone with this feature in the market.

Leagoo S10 2

Leagoo also confirmed that its new flagship will have a dual main camera with a SONY sensor of 20MP + 5MP, being a Smartphone able to take incredible photos and capture your favorite moments.

In addition, it has also been confirmed that the camera will have Artificial Intelligence technology that will allow a better focus of the camera and an improved response to changes in luminosity, achieving better quality images and a much more pleasant experience when taking photos with the Leagoo S10.

The Smartphone will be financed through the Crowdfunding INDIEGOGO platform during the months of September and October.

Leagoo S10: First-class performance for a first-class Smartphone

Leagoo S10

The Leagoo S10 will be powered by an MTK Helio P60 processor and will sport 6GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM based on the official information.

The device will have a price lower than $300, in addition, the company offers a discount of 21%

Another strength of the Leagoo S10 in addition to its incredible features is its amazing price, the company has officially announced that the price of its new flagship will be less than $300, equivalent to 20.512 Indian rupees.

The campaign of this new Smartphone is offering a 21% discount on the purchase of the product just by subscribing to its official website, and surprises do not end here, because you can earn a Leagoo S10 totally free if you guess the exact price of the new jewel of the Asian brand.

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