LEAGOO Hits the European Premier League – Ready for Football!

It looks like Chinese smartphone manufacturers are showing their fondness in football, and not a naive football but the world famous European Premier League. First, Huawei sponsoring Spanish Primera División, then OPPO joining hands with FC Barcelona, and now LEAGOO hitting the League.

It seems a career defining moment for LEAGOO, as it’s the first time they are going to hit an international worldwide. The company will hit the Premier League on October 15 22:00 (UTC+8). LEAGOO will make its first debut at the Etihad Stadium, where Manchester City will be against Everton.leagoo league

No doubt, the team which will top the European Premier League will naturally become the best prey and most expensive for those enterprises who are looking forward to promoting their brands. Plus, you know it’s a Premier League with Europe’s top football teams competing to be the best. Even the league is a source of attraction for the football enthusiasts all over the world. These fans are also loyal to their teams and have a great effect from the sponsorers. The League earns a lot from television transmit, brand promotion and shirt sponsors. Thus, this is the best way through which LEAGOO can do some real business in advertising.

This match can be watched on Sopcast, and LEAGOO Official Facebook Page will track the match to help fans catch up with the latest news. Also, LEAGOOERS are welcomed to follow us on the Official Facebook Page and participate in #LEAGOO guessing contest to win free Smartphone.

Joining the European Premier League indicates that the foreign manufacturer LEAGOO is looking forward to establishing itself in the European market has well with the help of a noted team. “Growing Every Moment”is what the company always pursuit since the brand starts. Moreover, stepping in the European market will official expand the LEAGOO Smartphone Empire. You can Let’s see whether the smartphone manufacturer from the Chinese land will able to make an impact or not?




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