The largest Mi store in Europe has been opened!

A company that has known how to stand out and grow all over the world is Xiaomi since their inception manufacturing simple smartphones, they have gained much fame in their country, and after this, they expanded and managed to open a lot of official stores or Mi Store in India, becoming their main market. Shortly after, their expansion process continued and they began to open stores in Europe, and thanks to the enormous success they had, it was possible to open official stores in Mexico.

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There exist many Mi Stores in Europe, but now in Paris – France, Xiaomi has decided to build their biggest store in the whole continent, which was recently inaugurated.

The largest Mi Store in the entire European continent

This store is part of Xiaomi’s expansion plan, which plans to continue running for a long time. In it, the company will continue opening official stores throughout the world, in order to obtain a better impact on their after-sales system, this is done with the intention of becoming one of the world’s great technology leaders. Of course, this is not the only thing that will be achieved with this expansion plan, but also the large-scale globalization of their main smart products and Smartphones.

This new Mi Store is the second official store of the company in France and due to the enormous size it has, it has in its power a great variety of Xiaomi devices in different types of catalogs, ranging from phones, products for the home, even smart gadgets, among other things. This news moved many fans and the images of the inauguration were announced on the official Twitter of the company, where you can see a huge line of people willing to enter the store, becoming the first customers.

Mi Store - Paris

There is much speculation that France will become the headquarters of Xiaomi in Europe, from where they will begin to expand globally to the rest of the continent due to this new Mi Store. It is not known if this is true, what is known is that this company has managed to leave a very important brand throughout Europe.


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