KZ BTE Hybrid Balance Armature Dynamic Driver Sports Bluetooth Earbuds Offered For $19.99

Summer may be over — but waterproof Bluetooth earbuds never go out of style. They offer you a whole new level of freedom of movement and let you enjoy your favorite tunes even during the most strenuous workout and in any weather conditions. But the KZ earbuds take even further by packing in plenty of functionality enhancing sound quality.

KZ waterproof Bluetooth earbuds: what’s special

The KZ earbuds are one of the latest products from Knowledge Zenith, a young but very promising audio devices manufacturer. Even at the first glance, the KZ earphones will probably catch your eye with their stylish design  — while clearly having an athletic look, the earbuds are not too much “in your face” compared to other sporty models. And yet, when you look on the inside, you’ll see that a lof of thought has been put into making the KZ earphones the perfect workout companion.

the design of KZ earbuds

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High-speed transmission

Thanks to the CSR8645 Bluetooth chip with APTX audio technology, the earbuds guarantee a quick and stable data transmission paired with low power consumption. The transmission distance is up to 10 meters, which is compatible with most standard Bluetooth devices.

IPX6 water resistance

While quite a few earbuds come with at least some sort of protection against the elements, the KZ earphones take it to the next level by offering higher level of water resistance; the earbuds can withstand strong water jets — so you can enjoy a jog in the rain and even take a shower with your headphones on.

Powerful battery

In order to make sure your experience with the KZ earbuds is not frequently interrupted by recharges, the earphones have been equipped with a large 130mAh battery offering an impressive 8 hours of continuous playback and 100 hours on standby. What’s more, the earbuds can get from 0% to a full charge in just two hours — so won’t have too much time without your headset.

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Supreme audio quality

The earphones come with Hi-Fi sound quality, which means that you can listen to your favourite music as if you were attending a live concert. Plus, thanks to the CVC noise reduction technology, the earbuds are perfect for quality chats with over the phone with minimal interference from ambient noise. So, in addition to providing you with cool soundtracks to your workouts, the earbuds will also work perfectly well if you want to make a work or personal call.


The KZ earbuds are exceptionally comfortable to wear. Thanks to the soft silicone straps, they sit comfortably in your ears and, as users report, after a while, you won’t even know they are there.

Wireless design

While the two earbuds are connected with a cord, communication with your phone is handled wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.2. On the cord, you will find a handy mini remote control letting you easily adjust the volume, switch between tracks, and more.


The earbuds weigh just 19 grams — they are as light as a pair of earrings — and you will be able to experience a full range of movements during your workout as well as not worry about the earphones falling out during an arduous workout.

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KZ waterproof Bluetooth earbuds: price and verdict

The KZ earphones have been designed with athletes in mind — and this comes through in every single detail of the build and performance. Sporting a strong protection against water and sweat, they earbuds will accompany your workouts with quality music with a strong bass effect.

The fact that the KZ  earbuds use wireless communication make them especially convenient for those who prefer an active lifestyle and thanks the advanced chip and APTX audio technology, sound transmission and quality are on par.



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