KZ BA10 HiFi 5BA Earphone for heavy bass lovers offered for $75.99

Earphones lovers mostly find themselves stranded when they start looking for good quality of earphones. Most of the excellent quality earphones come with price tags which are out of budget for regular customers. Moreover, even then they don’t have that quality of bass for what people pay for them. In this article, we are going to tell you about one of the best earphones available in the market which is only made to please the bass-loving audiophiles. If you are into music, you must have heard about one of the best manufacturer creating earphones for music lovers the KZ. It’s a well-known company, loved by many earphones fans. The brand has recently launched a new model for gen X the KZ BA10 which is equipped with ten rebar drivers of 5 for each earphone. The earphones come in an unusual body, which looks like some Iron Man’s armor.

kz BA10 earphones

What you will get with the KZ BA10?

  • KZ BA10 headphones themselves
  • wire to headphones (with a microphone and a control button or not – depends on your order)
  • set of replaceable ear cushions
  • instruction in Chinese and English

KZ BA10 specifications:

Brand: KZ
Materials: metal (aluminum), plastic
Model: ??10
Headphone landing type: In-Ear
Cable length: 1.2 m
Compatibility: PC, phone
Connection Type: By Cable
Playback Frequency: 7Hz – 40KHz
Nominal resistance: 14ohms
Sensitivity: 105dB
Headphones are available in two colors.

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kz BA10 earphones

The upper part of the kz BA10 earphones are made of high-quality aluminum material, and it comes in bright red color which reminds of iron man’s armor. Due to aluminum casing, it looks like the earphones will be bulky and heavy, however, the story is the exact opposite and the earphones fit perfectly in ears, and they are lightweight. Now let’s talk about the 5BA drivers which make these earphones really special. There are five drivers inside arranged as follows:

  • one driver low-frequency KZ 22955
  • one middle driver KZ 29689
  • two high-frequency drivers KZ 30095
  • one mixed high and medium frequency driver KZ 31005
kz BA10 earphones

Now let’s talk more about the reasons why you should go for kz BA10 earphones. As for the earphone wire, some changes have touched it. One of the best things about Kz’s earphones is its wire. With the kz BA10 earphones, the stiffness of the ear part of the wire was fixed by a thin wire that was under the silicone case. Now you can easily straightened the wires of earphones with your fingers, and also it itself takes shape specified by the manufacturers. It makes it more convenient to put on headphones since the wire itself takes shape, fitting your ear and you do not have to press the wire to your ear, as before.

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kz BA10 earphones

With the internal scheme changes in kz BA10 earphones or for some other reason, but the new BA10 improved its sound quite a bit! If you are a bass lover, these earphones are meant for you. The sound is immaculate and surround! Midrange sound is also sincere and precisely in its place. In general, the new KZ BA10 are quite good, but their price is not small, and this is their main disadvantage. Also one of the biggest advantage of
kz BA10 earphones includes its ability to transform into Bluetooth earphones. We will include the link to Bluetooth transformer as well. Its just cost $11.99 but can change the whole experience of using this device.

kz BA10 earphones

Where to buy kz BA10 earphones?

The kz BA10 earphones are available at gearbest for just $75.99.


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