[Coupon] KUGOO S1 Pro: Folding Electric Scooter For Just $319.99

Kugoo is already a well-known brand with its S1 scooter and many Slovaks and Czechs liked it. The company, therefore, decided to improve its scooter and introduced the new Kugoo S1 Pro.

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As we can see the wheels are solid with non-slip design and with a standard size of 8.5? and include brake on the rear wheel. We also find a color LED panel with all the information of the vehicle live (no app needed), it has a powerful LED front light, new sidelights and rear light to increase our visibility. The design has a reinforced folding button and has three handlebar heights, the maximum weight allowed by this scooter is up to 120 Kg.

The scooter itself surprised us with its quality. Immediately when unpacking, we noticed foldable side handles, which is an advantage when transporting the scooter by car. We greatly appreciate the direction indicators at the end of the handles, which makes them very well lit even in the dark. New red reflectors have been added to the corners where you stand. We also consider three adjustable speed modes to be a positive, eco-mode for longer range, as well as sports mode where engine power is at its peak. The engine has very good acceleration and quickly reaches maximum speed.

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The maximum speed is limited to 25 km / h from the factory, but in the scooter system, it is possible to turn off the limiter and increase the maximum to 30 km /h. The advantage is tubeless wheels that do not get a puncture but feel more road irregularities. They effectively try to eliminate the front and rear suspension. Milo was surprised by the engine brake, which you activate by pushing the left lever on the handlebar. It is very reliable and efficient. A minor disadvantage is perhaps the rear brake, which is classic, manual.

Kugoo S1 Pro offers better equipment with an emphasis on safety. There are direction indicators on the sides of the handlebars, so you do not have to show gestures while driving and thus expose yourself to danger. Reflective elements on the sides of the scooter are also added to safety. The wheels, which are still solid rubber, but have a perforated pattern, so-called. “Honeycomb”. This is to help more effectively absorb shocks and make driving more comfortable.

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Battery capacity has also improved from 6 Ah to 7.5 Ah, but not its range, which is a pity. This is mainly due to the fact that the Pro version is slightly larger and so requires more consumption. It also includes an LCD display just like the classic version, and it also demands its power consumption. After the past experience at Kugoo, they agreed that it would be useful to improve the folding system. They have therefore made it more robust and should work better. For convenience, a new carrying bag also records.

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Related imageBuy KUGOO S1 Pro Folding Electric Scooter Just at $319.99

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