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Kugoo S1, a brand new electric scooter from Kugoo, a professional scooter manufacturer in China, has been greatly upgraded in functions, which make up for the shortages of traditional scooters.

GeekbuyingBuy KUGOO S1 Folding Electrical Scooter For Just $319.99


The biggest feature of Kugoo S1 is that the product is composed of four modules: a display screen, mainboard, motor, and battery compartment. Customers can disassemble, install and maintain these parts by themselves, very simply and conveniently.  Thanks to the Shock Mitigation System, you will be able to enjoy the ride, plus, the folding handle and the adjustable height, will help you carry it effortlessly everywhere you go. The KUGOO S1 can be adjusted to 3 Different heights: 930mm, 1070mm, 1160mm, and it can carry up to 120kg. It is powered by 18650 Li-ion battery pack which can drive the scooter up to 30 KM depends on road condition and driver weight, its load-bearing capacity is around 120 KG and product weight is around 11KG.\


The KUGOO S1 Pro Folding Electric Scooter is smart, sleek, and its 350W motor means it’s packing some torque. The perfect scooter for the last mile, ferrying you effortlessly from car or train to office and back again. A top speed of 18mph means that two miles of walking come down to a seven-minute journey, without crowds, hassle or effort. The KUGOO S1 Pro Folding Electric Scooter has all of the features you expect for a top of the line electric scooter, handlebar control system display, thick durable tires, front and rear lights hand braking system and a rear brake for increased safety.

The second thing that immediately jumped out is a large LED screen where you can see all the basic features such as speed, distance or battery status, and you will enjoy what you have three speeds of movement. What I personally like is that it has a higher payload of up to 120 kilograms, the comparison for the M365 has only up to 100 kg. Tires are full, they are not filled with air so you will feel more uncomfortable, but this will help you with a built-in shock absorber that will somewhat alleviate all of the disadvantages you will encounter on the road. I like the battery life that will last up to 30 kilometers with a single charge, and if you hurry just put it in the third speed and it will catch up to 30 km / h. I personally bore a maximum of 26 km / h on the straight but probably due to the difficulty.

Verdict & Buy

Kugoo aims to use this superior S1 to open its overseas market and popularity and establish a brand image. Judging from its previous comparison stories with Xiaomi M365, its potential is indeed not to be underestimated. You can head straight to this hyperlink to take a look at extra particulars in regards to the KUGOO S1 Folding Electrical Scooter and seize the low cost. Note that the promotion sale might be legitimate for the white, black and blue shade variations of the S1 for simply at some point. KUGOO S1 Folding Electrical Scooter is now available on Geekbuying For Just at $319.98 using a Coupon Code: S1KUGOO. Click the following Button For order now:

Coupon Code: S1KUGOO

GeekbuyingBuy KUGOO S1 Folding Electrical Scooter For Just $319.99


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