[Coupon] KUGOO G-booster Electric Scooter For Just $956.99

The KUGOO G-booster Electric Scooter is a comfortable powerful urban electric vehicle with excellent technical data. Robust aluminum construction folds in seconds. The compact dimensions of the device facilitate the transportation process and make it possible to store the unit in any corner of the house or apartment. Bright LED headlights are located in the front and rear, which will illuminate the path in low visibility conditions.

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Related imageBuy KUGOO G-booster Electric Scooter For Just $956.99


Wheel diameter of 10 inches provides good traffic not only within the city but also beyond. The lifting capacity of the electric scooter is up to 120 kg, the overcome angle of ascent to the mountain up to 20 degrees. Power indicators are determined by the presence of two electric motors. With the support of a lithium-ion battery, the model is able to cover long distances at high speed.

Pneumatic wheels with a diameter of 10 inches adhere well to the surface of different terrain, guaranteeing excellent cross-country ability. Braking is done using a disc brake system. With all its high technical characteristics, the KUGOO G-booster scooter also has increased mobility due to the folding frame. Reliability and comfort, high speed and stylish design make this model one of the best among similar ones on the electric transport market.


The indicated battery capacity is designed for 45km, and the full battery charge is required for 5 hours. The scooter electric motor can climb a hill with a maximum angle of 15 degrees. If desired, you can equip the scooter with a seat sold separately. Many customers buy Kugoo G-booster electric scooters for their practicality and reliability due to technical equipment.

KUGOO G-booster is has a good cross due to ten-inch wheels, which easily pass through small obstacles due to the height of clearance. Kugoo G-booster 48v max 2400 W is a convenient twin-engine electric scooter that can withstand a maximum load of up to 160 kg. The scooter is not difficult to manage and operate. You can buy a Kugoo G-booster electric scooter in Moscow for this you can make an order on our website. The power of the G-booster electric scooter is incredible because it works with a double 800W motor located on the front wheel and the rear wheel that allows us to reach a maximum speed of 55 km /h, well above what a standard scooter.

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Coupon Code: GKB315S

Related imageBuy KUGOO G-booster Electric Scooter For Just $956.99


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