[X-Mas Coupon] KUGOO G-Booster Electric Scooter: For Just $1121.99

The KUGOO G-booster Electric Scooter is possibly one of the most powerful that we have seen on our website, without a doubt a different model that as we will see in its specifications, has very interesting points. This great scooter has from dual motors to a large capacity battery and wheels with a diameter above average.

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Related imageBuy KUGOO G-Booster Folding Electric Scooter Just at $1121.99


The wheels are with a camera with an aggressive design and have a size of 10? and include disk brake on both wheels. We also find an LCD panel with all the vehicle information live (no app needed), it has two powerful 10W LED front lights that we can orientate. The design of the front wheel support integrates a suspension in the arm of the wheel, the maximum weight allowed by this scooter is up to 120 kg.

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The tripod is also equipped with an LCD display where information is displayed on battery capacity, usage, speed, and current speed. There is also no 10-watt LED headlamp mounted at the bottom of the handlebars to effectively illuminate the road. From the presentation video, the trottineta seems to be waterproof, but the shop site does not mention this.

The Kugoo G-booster has 3 modes of operation to limit the maximum speed it achieves 20Km/h, 35Km/h, or 55Km/h. The maximum climb slope is up to 35 degrees. To ensure a timely shut-down, but also for added safety, the trotting is equipped with 2 ventilated disc brakes on the front and rear wheels, allowing them to stop at a very short distance braking.

More power translates automatically through increased power consumption, so G-booster hides a 23.0 Ah battery under the footrest, capable of providing up to 85 km of self-loading with just one load – at least that supports manufacturer. Obviously, autonomy varies with each person’s weight, weather conditions, road, etc. The battery is charged within 10 hours.

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Related imageBuy KUGOO G-Booster Folding Electric Scooter Just at $1121.99

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