Kospet Prime Review: Ultimate Android Smartwatch Phone!

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Smartwatches usually act as an accessory. You won’t get much out of it without your phone in hand. Kospet solves this problem by providing you with smartwatches that function as a phone, making it unnecessary to carry your phone around. The Kospet Prime Android Smartwatch is the latest addition, and of course, with newer versions, there’s always improvements providing us with a good experience. If you’re wondering what this smartwatch offers, then we’ve got you covered with the Kospet Prime Review. You definitely can’t get a smartwatch without any research, after all. Continue reading for the Kospet Prime Review. This article will help you determine whether you should buy the Kospet Prime Smartwatch.

Kospet Prime Review

Design: Does the Kospet Prime look good?

Photo Credits: SmartWatch Ticks [YouTube]

When you first take a look at the Kospet Prime Smartwatch, you’ll feel nostalgic after seeing the classic circular dial. It has a glossy ceramic bezel, but the lug and silicone strap comes in matte black. If you’re not a fan of the plastic strap, then you can replace it with another one. The replaceable strap allows your smartwatch to act as an accessory as well, according to the event. With a weight of 86 g and a thickness of 17.5 mm, it definitely isn’t light or thin.

There are dual cameras in Kospet Prime Android Smartwatch including the front and side camera on the right side. At the backside, there is a Nano SIM card slot, heart rate sensor, and magnetic connectors to charge it. You can swipe or tap to move around with the touchscreen display, but you still get two crowns on the side of the watch to turn it on or select an option and go back as well. Overall, the Kospet Prime Android Smartwatch is pretty easy to maneuver. Thus, in the Kospet Prime Review, I can tell you that the watch is premium and looks great on your wrist. While it may not be thin or the lightest smartwatch out there, it does make up for it with its features, which you’ll read about in the Kospet Prime Review.


Kospet Prime Android Smartwatch has a stunning full round display which is 1.6 inches in size with a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels. The TFT IPS screen of the Kospet Prime Smartwatch comes with 354 PPI. With such a high resolution and PPI, you get a sharp display even with small text and graphics. In terms of display, I can say that it is great in the Kospet Prime Review.

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Processor and OS

Kospet Prime Android Smartwatch features the MTK6739 quad-core processor, which has a frequency of 1.25GHZ. You will get 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM. The software is where there could have been an improvement with the latest version of the software, but it has the Android 7.1 OS instead, which of course, runs smoothly. With the Google Play Store, you will have access to all the third-party applications available. There are some pre-installed apps as well in the Kospet Prime Smartwatch. However, you will face some problems with the apps that run in the original Android. That’s because they were not designed to fit into a small screen. While the OS is outdated, the performance is great in the Kospet Prime Review.

Features- World’s First Smartwatch with Face ID Unlock

Photo Credits: SmartWatch Ticks [YouTube]

Let’s first start with fitness features in the Kospet Prime Review. Then we’ll move on to the camera, connectivity, navigation systems, and other features in the Kospet Prime Review. You get up to 9 sports modes with the Kospet Prime Smartwatch, but if you’re a fitness fanatic, then this might not be the watch for you. However, you can get third-party fitness apps from the play store. With the heart rate sensor and pedometer, you can monitor your heart rate and calculate the calories you burn as well.

While the positions of the cameras may not be ideal, they do serve their purpose. You get a 2 MP front camera and a 8 MP side camera which clicks decent pictures, but nothing worth ravishing about. Although the Bluetooth version is outdated with the 4.0 version, you can connect the Kospet Prime Smartwatch with any Bluetooth enabled device. GPS, Glonass, and A-GPS are navigation systems in Kospet Prime Android Smartwatch, allowing you to measure the distance and track the route of outdoor activities.

While face recognition isn’t a new term, it is the first time that it is incorporated into a smartwatch. Face ID allows you to unlock the Kospet Prime Android Smartwatch easily. With an IP67 water resistance rating it is protected from contact with harmful dust and immersion in water with a depth of up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Notifications arrive right on your smartwatch, making it easy to check them. Most smartwatches only allow you to either answer or reject calls, but you’ll have to use your phone to talk. However, with a SIM card and an in-built microphone in Kospet Prime Android Smartwatch, you can manage calls with it. It also supports 4G networks, including FDD LTE and TDD LTE.

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Battery Life: Not up to expectations

Battery life is the final factor in the Kospet Prime Review, and it is the most important factor. The Kospet Prime Smartwatch comes with a battery size of 1260 mAh, which provides you with a battery life of 2 days when you use it every day. However, you get up to 3 days with just continuous music playback and a standby time of 168 hours. You’ll get a talk time of 8 hours whereas with GPS use you’ll get only 6 hours. Battery life does, however, differ depending on the usage. The other factor is that since this is a smartwatch that acts as a smartphone, the battery does drain quickly, just like how our smartphones do, but it does last longer than a smartphone.

Is it worth buying the Kospet Prime?

With smartwatches or any tech gadgets, you’re not going to find a one-size-fits-all answer. It all depends on the lifestyle and personal preference of each individual. However, from the Kospet Prime Review, you might have got an idea about the smartwatch. The Kospet Prime Android Smartwatch doesn’t just look premium, but it is also made with high-tech ceramic, which prevents scratches. With a removable strap, it is a smartwatch for all occasions. It also has a big display with high resolution and PPI, which provides us with a bright and colorful screen.

For just $159.99, the Kospet Prime is just brilliant!

While it may not be the best processor out there, it does perform well, and there is enough space to store all that you need. You get Face ID to unlock the smartwatch, which is a great feature along with multiple sports modes. The dual cameras provide you with decent images, and the water resistance rating allows you to carry it with you at all times. At $149.99, this smartwatch offers you many great features.


  • Large display with high resolution
  • Face ID Unlock
  • Water resistant (IP67)
  • You can make calls
  • Dual Cameras


  • Battery life is short
  • Limited fitness features
  • Outdated OS and Bluetooth

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