[Coupon Deal] KOSPET Brave: Ultimate 4G Smartwatch Phone, IP68, 2+16GB, For Just $123.99

Just a month ago, The Smartwatch Kospet Hope promises brutal performance while impressing with its simplistic circular design and super-appealing price! And so it has always been exhausted everywhere.

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Kospet Brave has the best round screen of 1.3 inch AMOLED screen with 240 x 230 pixels. the big round screen comes with best sharpness and colors. the IPS display in a smartwatch is the best option. More, its design which is another advantage the design is perfectly made for your wrist because it has the lightweight of 0.0670 kg. the width of the smartwatch is 24mm.

it comes with dual rubber straps which are detachable so you can use more straps regarding your demand. on the downside it has the heart rate sensor to monitor your heart rate and health. on the right side it has 2 buttons which can be easily used in playing the smartwatch. Kospet Brave comes with IP68 certified water resistant and dust resistance.

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Kospet Brave has two physical course gets and an 8MP camera in the midst of these two gets for taking pictures. 8MP Camera is far enough is in smartwatch which gives you a smooth and perfect view. It moreover has a 1.3 inch AMOLED screen with 240 × 240 goals this Kospet Brave has a quad-focus processor MTK6737. In any case, even more essentially, it’s the world’s first smartwatch with 2GB of RAM and even 16GB of limit.

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In terms of sensors, watches offer above-average equipment in their price range. For example, they have a pedometer, GPS, heart rate sensor, and so on. As a result, they are able to monitor sports activities such as running (including in-door running), cycling, walking and more. Many will be pleased that the clock has a 620mAh battery, which promises a 3 to 5-day stamina, depending on the use of each feature. At the same time, the watches have IP68 certification (note: editors can immerse watches in water at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes). The cherry on the cake is support for multiple languages.

Kospet Brave 4G has got a power of Android 6.0 Operating system which lets it stand out amongst all other Smartwatch devices. You can get easy access to the entire app store and quickly install applications which are compatible with this device. You can also synchronize this smartwatch with your Smartphone. By doing so you will get all your phone notifications on your screen on a real-time basis. You can also use this device without any SIM card by simply connecting it to your Smartphone either through WiFi or Bluetooth. This way you can also keep using this device for a longer time instead of running it on SIM data which may drain battery extremely fast.

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Where To Shop

Kospet Brave 4G Smartwatch offers everything which an average smartphone can offer you. The discounted price of around $123.99 on Geekbuying using a Coupon Code: WBFRLHZA, makes it highly affordable considering its wide range of features (i.e. the regular price is around $145). You can do plenty of things with this adorable device from anywhere without actually touching your Smartphone. It will not only enhance your looks but will also become your perfect companion to perform everyday tasks.

Coupon Code: WBFRLHZA

Buy Kospet Hope For Just at $123.99

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