Kospet Brave Smartwatch Phone on Flash Sale: Worth Buying? [COUPON INSIDE]

Best under $60 Smartwatch?

In recent times with the need for health smart assistants, the demand for smartwatches have increased drastically. Smartwatches have turned out to be the ultimate smartphone companion from on the go-features such as attending calls, messages & notifications, to generating health reports. The need and usage of smartwatches have increased over time. A company called as Kospet has been releasing some pretty interesting products in the smartwatch market. In that line-up, the Kospet Brave Smartwatch Phone is a very good and popular wearable by Kospet.

For the good, from Jan 14th to Jan 18th 2018 – you can purchase the Kospet Brave Smartwatch at an stunning deal of just $99.99. Anyways in this article let us check the specifications and features of the Kospet Brave Smartwatch and let’s decide whether it is worth your hard earned money.


Could the Kospet Brave Smartwatch Phone be the best under $100 Smartwatch?

Appearance and Design

For me when it comes to watches & shoes, the design matters a lot. Undoubtedly that’s a thumbs-up for the Kospet Brave Smartwatch Phone. Unlike the Moto 360, the Kospet Brave Smartwatch comes with a detachable strap and further can be altered from a wide range of options. You get a perfectly sized screen which is actually a 1.3 inch AMOLED screen packing 240 × 240 resolution. For the specs the display will be bright and clear.

The Kospet Brave Smartwatch Phone has a perfect blend of color choice, lightweight materials and a super sleek body. The device offers a minimal design and strikes a corner between elegance and a gadgety feel. The design has no compromises. With the IP68 Waterproof & 620mAh Built-in Battery, the device turns out to be aa wonderful choice for its buyers.

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Performance & Connectivity

Under the hood the Kospet Brave Standalone Smartwatch packs a powerful MTK6737 processor. Also guess what you get freaking 2GB of RAM and a 16GB ROM. Yes! you read it right; The Kospet Brave Smartwatch Phone has 2GB of RAM. Considering a Wearable OS that is a pretty powerful hardware. With the Kospet Brave you can actually relinquish your smartphone, as the device can be used as a standalone “smartwatch phone”. It is a 4G smartwatch with a Nano SIM card support.

With 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal Memory & IP68 Rating, the Kospet Smartwatch is a stunning deal! ($59.99)

The Perks of Kospet Brave Smartwatch Phone:

  • First of all the Price: For $59.99, I don’t think you’ve any better option.
  • Freaking 2GB of RAM and a 16GB ROM.
  • The IP68 Waterproof Rating makes the Kospet Brave Standalone Smartwatch your swim buddy.
  • The Kospet Brave Smartwatch comes with 1.3 inch AMOLED DISPLAY which is bright and vivid!</li
  • It is a standalone Smartwatch which means you don’t need your smartphone always.

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Offering 1.3″ AMOLED DISPLAY, MTK6737 Processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal Memory & IP68 Rating, probably this could be the best deal you can get on a smartwatch for just $99.99. The Flash sale on next 134 Pieces hurry up before the flash sale ends.

Price: $99.99


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