Koogeek Smart Thermometer KST1, offered for only €15.99 [+coupon]

The Amazon deals don’t stop. Also, as you may have noticed, on several occasions we have promoted items from a specific brand: Koogeek. This is a manufacturer that specializes in smart products and offers us countless products that can be useful on home and daily routine. Today we bring you a discount on a great thermometer that can be used by your whole family. Being safe thanks to the inclusion of infrared technology. In this way, we present you the Koogeek Smart Thermometer KST1. You will love it for its great features but even more for its great discount on Amazon. So, take a look to all its advantages and most important specifications.

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Koogeek Smart Thermometer KST1 - Amazon deal

Koogeek Smart Thermometer KST1: Discover its benefits!

It comes with a delicate appearance, being quite curved and smooth. Thanks to it, is easy to use. Also, due to its compact and portable design, it is ideal for home, office or during travels. In addition, it has been manufactured with high quality materials. Resistant, environmentally friendly and flame retardant compounds have been adopted. Each one provides protection against bumps, dust, and dirt.

Koogeek Smart Thermometer KST1 - Amazon deal

When you are making the measurements, direct contact with the skin is not needed; it creates a greater security and reliability when using it. You have two options to take the temperature: on the forehead or the ear. Advanced infrared technology provides a more secure and accurate temperature measurement. It was designed with a high precision infrared sensor, which can automatically scan and transmit the temperature to the chip. The measurement error is within ± 0.2°C.

Koogeek Smart Thermometer KST1 - Amazon deal

The digital thermometer KST1 measures the body temperature instantaneously in 1 second; it’s just a matter of pressing the button and read. In turn, if the measured temperature is lower than 93.2°F/34°C or higher than 107.9°F/42.2°C, the thermometer emits a warning alarm. As you can see, it comes with two units: Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F). How to change it? You ask, while it’s off, press and hold the power button until the °C and °F are swapped, choose the desired unit.

Koogeek Smart Thermometer KST1 - Amazon deal

The Koogeek Smart Thermometer KST1 can store the data from the last 30 measurements. In addition, these aforementioned measurements can be transferred to the Koogeek application via Bluetooth 4.0. Even the latest temperature measurement can easily be saved and verified. Thus, the application allows you to track the body temperature of you or your family members in real time. It can recognize up to 16 different users and is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Koogeek Smart Thermometer KST1 - Amazon deal

Koogeek Smart Thermometer KST1: Don’t lose its offer

The Koogeek Smart Thermometer KST1 is available at the well-known online store at a price of €23.99. However, this time, if you include an additional discount coupon, you can take it home with an incredible 30% discount, leaving it in only €15.99.

You must hurry to not miss this great opportunity that will be valid until December 24 with a limited stock of only 50 units. In case you are interested, we’ll leave you the direct link to the product next to the discount coupon below.

Coupon Discount: MO43LNJ7

Offer Koogeek Smart Thermometer KST1 in Amazon

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