Koogeek Smart Plug: Another amazing jewel from Koogeek on Amazon (Coupon)

The Smart Plug is enabled for Wi-Fi and is on sale for the price of 13.49 euros

Koogeek continues to show off its products on its brand, just yesterday we reported on the excellent offer for the Koogeek digital wrist Pressure Monitor, and today is the Koogeek Smart Plug, an incredible device compatible with Apple Home Kit and the Google assistant, this wall socket is on sale, so you can buy the new Koogeek for only $15.27 (€13.49) in the Amazon store.

Koogeek smart plug: Design

Koogeek smart plug

The Koogeek Intelligent Plug has an innovative design and although it is minimalist in its color, it does not stop being striking in its texture, in the upper part you can locate the on/off button, and in the front you can locate the name of Koogeek, as well as its respective plug for the devices to connect.

The dimensions of this product are 6.5 x 6.5 x 9 cm, being a compact product that will find its space in any household socket, and its weight of 259g makes it a compact and relatively light product.

Koogeek smart plug: Functionality

Koogeek smart plug

The Koogeek Smart Plug is compatible with Apple HomeKit, as well as Amazon Alexa and even the Google Assistant, being a device able to synchronize with devices through the Koogeek Home application (compatible with Apple Home) thanks to its WiFi support. The scope of the Koogeek Smart Plug allows you to even synchronize with connected Amazon Echo or Google Home speakers.

Koogeek smart plug

Voice control is another of the features provided by the Koogeek smart plug, allowing you to interact with Apple’s Siri, Alexa or the Google Assistant in English, French or German, even if you are not using Google Home as a synchronization application.

Koogeek smart plug

On the other hand, the synchronization of the Koogeek smart plug with iOS is of another level, being able to check the status of the plug, as well as the power consumption and the status of the connected devices, being a Smart Plug that will provide security to your appliances , besides being able to control them remotely and set a timer thanks to the synchronization with the HomeKit application.

The Koogeek smart plug will allow you to configure the Apple TV 4K or even the iPad with iOS 10.1 or higher as the host from which you can remotely control the HomeKit accessories.

Koogeek smart plug: Amazon offer

If the new product of the Koogeek brand has caught your attention, you can take advantage of the incredible offer on Amazon with which you can get the Koogeek Smart Outlet for only $15.27 (13.49 euros) by applying the JNJ95H23 coupon, which means an incredible discount of 25% of its initial price. It is necessary to hurry since the offer is valid only for the first 50 users to use the coupon, with a deadline for this next November 6.

Coupon Code: JNJ95H23

Buy the Koogeek Smart Plug on Amazon

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