Koogeek S1 Smart Health Scale, grab a smart scale compatible with Android and iOS in discount [+coupon]

Fitness apps are a trend right now. But while you can trust on a phone or a portable device to diligently monitor physical activity that is done daily, you can not determine your overall weight. And that is obviously a fact that is a key element when it comes to monitoring the effectiveness of the exercise. That’s where a new generation of “smart” scales comes in. The Koogeek S1 Smart Health Scale is one of the most complete products we have seen so far.

Koogeek S1 Smart Health Scale - Amazon deal

It acts as the traditional set of scales you’ll find in any bathroom, but with a twist: synchronize your data with your favorite fitness application to give you a more accurate picture of how your exercise regime is going. In addition, it comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support to synchronize information effortlessly. The Koogeek S1 is currently on Amazon with a discount by applying an additional coupon. You will find all the information at the end of the article!

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Koogeek S1 Smart Health Scale: App for iOS and Android

It is designed with a polished ITO tempered glass surface. In addition, ABS has been included, which is resistant for daily use. To know the measurements that the scale reports, it has a blue LED screen. Also, the special oval corners are secure, protecting you and your family from possible incidents.

Koogeek S1 Smart Health Scale - Amazon deal

High accuracy

It adopts four high-precision sensors to measure your weight. To this is added the use of BIA technology (bioelectrical impedance analysis). For this reason, it is only necessary to step on the scale at the moment it shows “0.00” and it will turn on automatically, ready to give an instant result of the weight measurement. It has a support for weights of no more than 440lb / 200 kg.

Koogeek S1 Smart Health Scale - Amazon deal

The Koogeek Smart Health Scale accurately measures eight statistics or measurement parameters: weight, BMI (body mass index), body fat, fat mass, bone mass, total body water, BMR (basal metabolic rate) and visceral fat. All for better control of weight loss!

Registration of 16 users

This scale is able to recognize and record data of up to 16 users. In fact, you can create user profiles for each one. Each time you step on the scale, it will recognize who you are and send your weight data directly to your Koogeek account. So, it is possible to invite your friends and family to enjoy the experience. In addition to choosing to keep personal health reports private or share them if you prefer.

Koogeek S1 Smart Health Scale - Amazon deal

Between records, you can also include babies. For this, there is a special way of weighing them. All you have to do is weigh yourself first, then do it again but now while holding your baby. The child’s weight will be automatically calculated and synchronized with the Koogeek application. Start the application to check infant weight trends.

Synchronization via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

All measurements are automatically synchronized and loaded into the Koogeek application via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.0.

  • Bluetooth synchronization: comes with Bluetooth 4.0 of low power consumption that allows fast and real-time data synchronization near the scale.
  • Wi-Fi Synchronization: the wide range of Wi-Fi is ideal for weighing anywhere and every information will be uploaded to your iOS or Android device through the cloud server. Even when you are not at home.

Koogeek S1 Smart Health Scale - Amazon deal

Free App (iOS or Android) to control your health

With the Koogeek app, you can set achievable goals, monitor weight trends and view individual health reports on your iOS 8.0 or Android 4.3 or later device.

Note: This scale is not suitable for people who have a pacemaker or any other internal medical device.

Koogeek S1 Smart Health Scale: Grab your discount on Amazon

The Koogeek S1 Smart Health Scale is available at the well-known online store at a price of €64.99 ($75.35). However, this time, if you apply an additional discount coupon, you can take it home with an incredible 30% discount for only €45.49 ($52.74). In case you are interested and to make your shopping experience easier and faster, below we leave you the direct link to the product next to the discount coupon.

Coupon Discount: DU9LJYAX

You must hurry to not miss this great opportunity that will be valid until September 6 with a limited stock of only 50 units.

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