Huawei compares the Kirin 980 processor with the Apple A12 Bionic

The world of technology is extremely broad and competitive, many companies struggle every day to reach the top, and Huawei is currently about to launch its new mobile phone, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, which will feature a Kirin 980 processor. This device will be launched at an event on October 12 in London. We are faced with a processor that from the beginning has given much to talk about since Huawei mentioned that the Kirin 980 was better than the Apple A12 Bionic processor. At the moment, the Kirin 980 and Apple A12 Bionic are the only processors of 7nm, and not wanting to be left behind, Qualcomm will soon release its version of a 7nm processor later this year.

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Features of the Kirin 980

The Kirin 980 is much faster, smarter and more efficient than its predecessor, the Kirin 970. Huawei was working for 3 years on the development of the Kirin 980 with 6.9 billion transistors making it 75% faster. It is 57% more efficient, and also has a 178% better performance than the Kirin 970. On the other hand, Apple also offers the same amount of transistors and a great improvement in its performance and efficiency.

Kirin 980

Huawei has taken the launch of this device very seriously since it is the first SoC in the industry that comes equipped with two neuronal processing units (NPU) along with a Dual-NPU configuration. This configuration allows the Kirin 980 to handle AI tasks more easily, allowing developers to improve the experience of all types of applications that require the use of artificial intelligence. It also has double IPS (image processor signal) that helps with better image processing with multiple camera sensors.

Kirin SoC

Regarding its connectivity, it supports LTE and has a Hi1103 Wi-Fi chip, which is considered the fastest Wi-Fi chip in the world, as it supports a download speed of 1.7GBPS. On the other hand, it has a GPS with a dual frequency (L1 and L5) that has a great location accuracy. It should also be noted that the Kirin 980 can get to recognize a total of 500 photos in just 6 seconds. It can also identify multiple subjects in a video in real time. Adding to all of the above, it is known that Huawei will start testing 4.5G networks in India using this processor soon.

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