KingWear KW18 Smartwatch Review: Offered at $40.99 [Coupon]

Nowadays, everyone is fond of technological gadgets imitating classic design, but still having a lot of necessary functions. Whether one prefers casual and sporty or classic and elegant products, we still want to purchase high-quality and practical devices. Thinking of this information, we are asking ourselves what’s a better thing for owning than a smartwatch?

In regard to this question, today we are reviewing a fantastic and exceptionally affordable device for you, KingWear KW18 Smartwatch Phone. Before we start this fascinating adventure through its amusing commodities, let’s check out the general specs.


Disclaimer – We’re temporarily unable to deliver images of the device, but only the camera samples. This will be fixed soon. XiaomiToday Team


Brand KingWear
Model KW18
Screen size 1.3 Inches
Display resolution 240×240
OS Android, iOS
Chipset MediaTek MT6572
CPU 1.2GHz  Dual-Core
Bluetooth Yes V4.0
Network type GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz
Connectivity 2G, GSM, WiFi, GPS
Battery Lithium Battery
Battery size 340mAh Built-in
Camera No
Color options Black, Silver, Champagne Gold

KingWear KW18 Packaging


This product offers you a very simple and standard package. Beside KW18 smartwatch, there are USB cable, battery, and manual in the English language in the small and compact box. What we need to point out is that there aren’t any screws, screwdrivers or bands to switch when you get bored with the default look.

Package Content:

1X KingWear Smartwatch Phone
1X Battery
1X USB Cable
1X English Manual


The Kingwear KW18 is so well designed that you will not be able to resist not trying it on your wrist. It has an impeccable premium design characterized by rubber band and aluminum display which gives you a beautiful metallic feeling wearing it. The band has a high-quality cutting, and it is dull polished making it healthy and comfortable for your skin.TB2wU4IsVXXXXXHXpXXXXXXXXXX_!!0-rate

Round screen reminds you of classic watches, and you are able to wear it with any kind of clothes. Available in black, silver, and champagne gold color, it gives you quite a wide choice, and you won’t regret whichever one you pick. It is fashionable with its slim and classic look which is suitable for everyone who is casual, but stylish. It owns a waterproof and dustproof features which will be helpful for your daily life, but it’s not for bath, swimming or soaking. It is quite vigorous with its 0.068kg, and it feels very lightly while you wear it.

On the front of the device, there is a fantastic 1.3 inch round screen with a bunch of information you need on a regular basis such as messages, e-mails, incoming calls and sleep monitor. With its minimal black background and silver clock hands, it offers a sophisticated touch. You can put your favorite pictures on display as walpapers and remind yourself of precious memories. KingWear KW18 Smartwatches in three colors on the white background

There is only a two-in-one card slot on the left side of KingWear KW18, which gives it a precise and simple look comfortable for usage.Left side of KingWear KW18 on the white background

On the right side, there are volume control buttons which enable you to adjust the volume of the sound easy, fast and quickly.Finally, we come to the back side of this beauty. At the top of the back side there is a small speaker and around it, there are two screws whom you unscrew when you want to open the smartwatch. In the middle of the back side there is a small round sensor for heart rate and at the bottom, four little spots are representing other sensors such as sleeping monitoring and pedometer. All in all, KingWear keeps surprising us with high-quality and good-looking design as you can see it from the photos and this information.



KingWear KW18 1.3 inches display supplies you with a bright display even in the glare because of its hypersensitive touch. Similar to the screens of Swiss wrist watches, KingWear KW18 has sapphire crystal glass mirror surface. Therefore, it is wear-resisting, and your screen is well protected. The 240×240 screen resolution offers you vivid colors and sharp view of the information on display. These are quite some specs for such an affordable price.IMG_2357


The product uses a 340mAh battery which offers an average user between 3-4 hours of use between charges. This capacity is below average for this kind of device, but you can charge the battery in 2 hours. Therefore, it will be ready for usage very fast. KW18 has Bluetooth 4.0, and it is somewhat a savior for the battery life.

Processor and RAM

KingWear KW18 Smartwatch has embedded MTK2502 processor accompanied by 128MB of internal storage and 64MB of RAM, which is below the average but quite enough in regard to the fact that this watch doesn’t have a camera. However, you can put TF card up to 16GB for more memory so you can transfer some of your favorite photos to your smartwatch.

Operative System

KingWear KW18 support both iOS and Android OS with quite a good user experience. Having high-performance CPU MTK2502, KW18 has a fluent reaction speed under both operative systems. You will be able to download some of the must-have apps from Google Play such as WhatsApp or social networks apps such as Facebook or Twitter. We have to point out that some of the functions may not currently support iOS.

KingWear KW18 Connectivity

Supporting independent SIM card slot, this amazing smartwatch can sync your messages and contacts. All the information you need is available precisely and accurately on your display by showing notifications of incoming calls, SMS, or Facebook and WhatsApp messages. The information is synchronized quite well, and there is not a chance you will miss the information. However, we are not done with connectivity features. Anti-lost alerts you when the distance between your watch and phone surpasses 10 meters. In the meantime, Bluetooth 4.0 connection works just fine.



Here we are at the most exciting and valuable part of this classic beauty. When we talk about an affordable device with amazing functions, we talk about KingWear KW 18. It is so well equipped it is hard to decide where to begin, but let’s start with its amazing sensors. The first in a row is a sleeping monitor which takes care about your sleep quality, including your sleeping hours and sleeping depth and you can modify your sleep hours and quality on a daily basis.

The second one is pedometer with its possibility to measure the steps you take and calories you put in everyday. It enables you to follow your body conditions and to set goals for further exercises. It measures both walking and running steps, so it is an amazing thing for both athletes and recreational people. Because of this benefit, you are able to find out how much exercise and food you need.

The third one is an incredible sedentary reminder which is useful for every employee who works hard from nine to five and sits for a long time. This feature will remind you when you have to rest and relax your body in order to improve your work routine. And the last one we would like to present to you is a heart rate monitor with its high accuracy and knowledge of your heart rate at any moment everywhere.TB2eC9BrVXXXXXHXXXXXXXXXXXX_!!0-rate

Today, we are all facing health issues. Therefore, these sensors enable you being the doctor yourself. What is also considered attractive is the QR code App with its superb possibility to scan the codes and hard-link to an external URL.

Additional Features

Beside these great sensors, KW18 has other features to offer as well. There are standard and the most wanted features such as Calendar, Alarm, and MP3. You have a reminder, alerts and your favorite music all in one.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptionally affordable
  • Independent SIM Card
  • Useful sensors for health
  • Good Bluetooth Connection
  • Available in black, silver and champagne gold color


  • Weak battery life
  • No camera
  • Insufficient packaging

Our opinion

Considering the performances and functions of KW18, it’s impossible not to say this is an amazing and affordable gadget. We are recommending this watch because of its smartphone notifications, different health sensors and classic design allowing you to stay connected to your phone all the time. In conclusion, KingWear KW18 is a stellar device for both busy men and women who lust for functional and fashionable lifestyle.

If you think KingWear is the right smartwatch for you, get it while it’s on discount, we’ve found some fantastic deals for you – just hit the buttons below:

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Feel free to post your opinions about the device in the comment section below the article.

Check out the KingWear KW18 Scores:



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  1. Hi there.
    Is it possible to change the style of the mainmenu? Lkie the “SMA – R Dual Smart Watch” or “No.1 G3”

  2. If only there was a way to turn off the beeps when you press the side buttons. i have looked at the settings and can not seem to silence the beeps when a side button is pressed. If anyone does know please let me know as I am about to return it but prefer to keep it.

  3. I bought one and using with a Samsung S7, for price it is a good deal to see if you want a smart watch it of this size and weight and don’t mind charging each day. Issues if fixed would make it a great watch.

    – Cannot decide if wanting to answer a phone call on phone or watch, all calls go to watch.
    – Does not default to tracking steps or heart rate.
    – App does not display heart rat is there but not working
    -App does not track historical steps.
    – have to manually turn on when you go to bed for sleep tracking… really?
    – Yahoo weather app does not save city so useless.

    If these items were fixed you would not be able to justify spending 300 for a brand name watch…..

  4. I only get notifications for messages received (WhatsApp). How can I read and reply messages from the Watch?

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