KingDian P10 240GB SSD – A Flash Drive Sized SSD with Type-C for $89.99!

Compact size + 240GB SSD Capacity + Great Price!

We have seen a 2.5-inch SSD, we have seen a PCIe SSD, but have we have seen a flash drive-sized SSD? One with a Type-C USB port. Meet our today’s protagonist from the Chinese land ‘KingDian P10 240GB SSD’. This SSD can be the best thing to store files including documents, games, videos and more. Why? A stupendously compact size, great writing and reading speed, 240GB capacity, great price are the reasons. What else do we need under $90?

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Let’s get into the details of the KingDian P10 240GB SSD to know it better:

KingDian P10 240GB SSD – Too Much From A USB Drive Type SSD

Design & Appearance

KingDian P10 240GB SSD has dimensions of 6.60 x 3.60 x 0.90 cm. So it approximately the size of a traditional USB memory but most effective is that it’s a little wider and thick because of the robust material used. We can use it on all kinds of devices whether they are computer systems, laptops, or even other gadgets together with tablets and smartphones via an OTG adapter. Because of its compact design, we can easily take it with us in a pocket or inside a backpack pocket.

KingDian P10 240GB SSD 2

The material of the SDD is metal. We have the Type-C port at the bottom, and that’s all. KingDian P10 240GB SSD is completely sealed. It’s not waterproof, but at least it’s noiseless and even has low heat dissipation.

KingDian P10 240GB SSD 1

It also comes with the Type-C to standard USB 3.0 converter.

KingDian P10 240GB SSD

Built & Protection

The KingDian P10 240GB SSD is protected through an excessive-strength steel housing. The material is steel to protect the disk from bumps or falls and even scratches. But this doesn’t mean that you should be total careless with it. Because of the small size and lightweight body, the SSD is more open to vulnerabilities. A smaller and lighter thing can easily slip and drop. That might be the only downside of the SSD.

KingDian P10 240GB SSD 4

Though the casing is metal, we don’t expect that much heat dissipation because of the Solid State Drive rather than HDD. Moreover, SSDs are 5.4x energy efficient than HDD.

KingDian P10 240GB SSD 3

Features & Connectivity

With a reading speed of 320 MB / s and a writing pace of 280 MB / s, this external disk leaves the traditional HDD as well as the traditional USB Drive, way behind. SSDs have enabled lightning speed transfers from such a compact size. Such transfer speed is possible to achieve when attached to both smartphones and computers. The credit goes to the High-speed USB Type-C interface.

KingDian P10 240GB SSD reading and writing tes KingDian P10 240GB SSD reading and writing test 1

Moreover, it’s much easier to find the Type-C cable than the SATA cable. Because of KingDian P10 240GB SSD, we can say goodbye to the lag and slow writing and reading speed in every low-end gadget. Now you can defeat even Samsung Galaxy S8 in writing and reading speed when connected to KingDian P10 240GB SSD.

Selling Points

  1. Compact Size
  2. Energy-Efficient
  3. Steel built (no shock)
  4. Great writing and reading speed
  5. Type-C interface


KingDian P10 240GB SSD is a super device folk for those who need to travel with their huge capacity storage and additionally for office usage. It’s for such people who simply can’t wait for time-consuming data transfers. A perfect size, robust steel built, great price and speed, Type-C interface.

Price & Availability

At this moment KingDian P10 240GB SSD is available on Gearbest for a price of $89.99. There’s also a 120GB version which is much cheaper, $59.99. Here’s the link to the store:


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