Kentfaith – Be aware of what you buy from them read all small print

Kentfaith Concept founded in 2011, and one-stop refined photographic solution provider. It has a beautifully designed website.


They carry thousands of photographic accessories and consumer product and the use the best available technique to sell them to you. Shipping is a little slow because the product coming from China but the problem is that not always what you get is complete.

One of the customers bought M42 to Nikon adapter, with infinity focus, but it’s not possible to focus on infinity it jams on 4-5 m ( on focus scale ). Glass element is to shallow positioned and overall – adapter is not good and as described.


The return policy is also bad, they refuse to acknowledge emails and won’t refund. The Chinese company operating out of what sounds like some sweatshop factory distributing cheap rubbish. Use with caution!!

This company is a group of a scammer trying to still money from us the customers. They should block from doing business online or any ware.

Main Highlights

  • Poor customer service.
  • Misleading Information.
  • Bad Service.
  • No Refund Policy.
  • Bad Delivery.

Before buying the product always be aware of what you buy from them read all small print and also check the return policy. So yo can easily return the product if you don’t like it.

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