Grab The Keith Titanium 1.1L Military Water Container + 700ml Titanium Rice Box for Outdoor On Gearbest For $169.00

Before I start to talk on , I would like to share the comment of some people who purchased this product.

Octavian on January 23, 2018, said ” I was very hesitant to purchase this due to the high cost. But like everything quality is key. First impressions of the supplied cover: Molle straps are very well made as is the whole cover. Fit is good, not loose nothing rattles. The canteen and cup are a good fit, there is no room to rattle which makes it nice, no excess noise when hiking. Feel is good, I have no other experience with titanium but find the finish is great and would and have recommended it to friends and coworkers. The cup is a bit smaller than expected, but big enough for one person easily.
Update 2-11-18: so ran it through its paces finally. The cup is definitely a single serve but perfect for one. The canteen needed to be filled with two cups of hot water to be full for the cold night. I am still amazed at how light this is compared to a stainless version. Heat distribution is excellent and boils water quickly in direct heat. Well worth the extra cost.” 
SynSurvival on January 10, 2018, has this to say ” I spent a long time deciding if I really wanted/needed this item…now that I have it? NO REGRETS! Absolutely love this. When I’m minimalistically backpacking, this is a godsend as it can act as my entire cook and water prep system. It also cools quickly and cleans well (though not perfectly–but your gear should look used!). No taste to water stored in it. It is very lightweight. The only thing I’d complain about is I’m not a fan of the carrying case it comes with. Really hard to get all three pieces fit into it. I show it off on my YT SynSurvival.”
Tim A. Hawkins On February 12, 2018, said “After watching reviews I decided to purchase this mess kit and love it, Very well made along with the carrying pack, light and sturdy- they claim easy cleanup that I will test shortly”
I believe this little talk by different purchaser would make it easy for you to decide if you really have to mind to get this product.

Keith Titanium 1.1L Military Water Container + 700ml Titanium Rice Box for Outdoor

The Keith Titanium 1.1L Military Water Container + 700ml Titanium Rice Box for Outdoor was designed to be used in ways expected and unexpected to save weight and space when every ounce counts. It is made of premium pure titanium without lining and coating and it’s tasteless, odourless, non-toxic and dishwasher safe. Titanium is ultralight and super strong; it is eco-friendly, biocompatible and bacteria inhibitive; it is also extraordinarily hypoallergenic and exceptionally corrosion-resistant. It comes with a custom-made carrying pouch.



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