Jupiter: A Phone in which you can Smoke

XiaomiToday always ensure that every news can be provided to our readers. Experience has shown us that technology never fails to impress and makes such gadgets that we could never imagine. We have seen phones with flexible displays, curved edges, shatterproof screens – we’ve seen a lot of devices that attempt to be unique by adding interesting hardware or design features that help them better stand out from the crowd. One thing we haven’t seen is a phone with a built-in vaporizer (nor did we expect to…), until now. Vaporcade’s Jupiter, a new concept of smartphone that released recently, promising us to smoke in it.

Looking at the picture, Jupiter seems to be an Elegant phone

If you are someone who demand new original phones, with features never seen before so far and innovative as the flag, have a seat, Jupiter could come soon.

Jupiter, a mediocre phone for a specific audience, probably Smokers

Well friends, the exciting aspect of Jupiter is not the design, not the hardware and not even the camera.

In fact, the manufacturer just highlighted some of the aspects of this terminal. So far, from the news we came to know that Jupiter will be featuring Android KitKat (v 4.4). This is a negative and an outdated point. Nowadays, smartphones comes with Android 6.0 or at least Android 5.0. While the rest of the specifications will be according to the model you select. We could only dig out that you have a choice to select between two version: 3G and 4G (LTE).

First impression of Jupiter

So what is it that makes this smartphone so different?

Jupiter is a Vaporcade new project, which will come with an accessory of this brand, an electronic cigarette smoking directly on the terminal via the micro USB port. The best feature is that this device contains a built-in app. An app specifically designed for this phone, allowing us to see data including the taste of the cigarette or how much we have smoked today?

Jupiter featuring inside it a built-in vaporizer.

In conclusion, we just want to say that Vaporcade is a famous company that offers e-cigarette and apparently coffee. It’s hard not to be a little skeptical of whether this phone actually will ever get off the ground. The thing that is worth is that the company claims to work with Herbert A. Gilbert, the man who is recognized as the inventor of the e-cig. If we see this device ending up in a consumer’s hand, it would probably be nothing more than an entry-to -mid-range device modified to a vaporizer attached to it. Let’s see what impact will it bring on the market?

Price and Availability of Jupiter:

Although awaken many doubts and skepticism, the new smartphone Vaporcade is  already for presale at a price of $ 299 for the 3G version or $ 499 for the 4G.

We will provide you with more updates of the product, so for now Goodbye!



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