junsun H9 Car DVR Camera Supporting ADAS at $52.99

Buying a dash cam is not a problem. But finding a smart car DVR camera with many useful functions besides video recording requires some skills. We have found an amazing dashboard camera dubbed as the junsun H9. The name shouldn’t tell you anything. But this one of the most intelligent and feature-rich products of its category we have ever seen. Moreover, it is priced quite affordable of $52.99. But if you think there are cheaper products, we are offering to take a look at its key features.

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First, let’s get acquainted with the common features. The junsun H9 sports a 3-inch IPS screen and a dual-lens camera that is capable of recording Full HD videos at 30fps. The 170 degrees wide-angle camera is capable of capturing everything around your car. Under the hood, it carries a Mstar AIT8328P dual-core chip clocked at 600MHz. Thanks to it, the DVR camera provides a smooth operation. There is also 300mAh battery.

junsun h9

Well, all these features are impressive, but they aren’t sufficient to win your heart. So let’s take a peek at the advanced features. The junsun H9 supports Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). It helps the driver in the driving process. Actually, there are a few aspects we should pay attention to. Say, a regular ADAS uses Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). It uses the camera and sensors to sweep for a car and other objects, including pedestrians or animals. So when it detects that it’s about to hit something at low speeds, it brakes to avoid the collision.

Usually, AEB system is coupled with Forward Collision Warning (FCW). It uses a signal to let you know that you should try to avoid the car or another object. Moreover, if you don’t manage to stop in time or maneuver around the trouble, the car will stop for you.

The next amazing feature coming with ADAS is the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). This technology uses the same forward sensors and cameras as AEB to keep track of the car in front of you on the highway. However, you can manually set your following distance. If done, the car will adjust its speed to maintain that safe distance.

junsun h9

Third, the junsun H9 and the ADAS come with Lane Departure Warning. Thus, it uses sensors all around to locate the lines of the highway. If it detects you are drifting across lines, it will warn you via a signal or a flash.

At last, the junsun H9 comes with a secondary camera that should be placed on the back of the car. It supports night vision as well. Thus the Parking Assist option will help you at any time of the day. The latter uses sensors to find a parking space, either parallel or perpendicular.

junsun h9

The rest of features include G-sensor that is very useful when a collision occurs. It will automatically lock the recorded video to provide an accurate record of events in the future.


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