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JUMPER EZBOOK X4 Review – A Worthy Office Notebook For $300

The tech market is full of options ranging from thousands of dollars to good mid-range devices. Our job is to help you find the perfect option, well-suited to your needs and of course worth the buck. So keeping our promise with you we are reviewing an all new laptop today with amazing specs and features and a price tag that will make your jaw drop (in a good way). Ladies and gentlemen hold on to your seats because the Chinese manufacturer JUMPER has released a new budget laptop; The JUMPER EZBOOK X4. The brand JUMPER is well known for putting out reasonably priced laptops out there with features and quality that never cease to amaze.

To give you some idea, the JUMPER EZBOOK X4 is almost like the EZBook 3L Pro. The build and design of the new model (JUMPER EZBOOK X4) is very similar to its predecessor, which we appreciate because why change a good thing right. The device retails for almost $300 which we think is a huge bargain given that most laptops in the market offering almost the same features can cost significantly more.


To give you folks a clear idea of what exactly this device has to offer, we will do a full breakdown of its design, performance, battery, and flaws (if any). So without further ado let’s get into it.

JUMPER EZBOOK X4, Design and Appearance:

The Jumper EZBOOK X4 comes in a simple cardboard box, nothing fancy with just a few staples inside it. You get the laptop itself, a charger and an instruction manual with instructions on how to get started. Getting started and setting up the laptop was easy as the instructions were clear and easy to follow.

The JUMPER EZBOOK X4 has a sleek and slim design which is very similar to Apples’ MacBook. It is a very thin laptop, only 7.5-13 mm in the folded state. The entire outer case is made up of matte aluminum metal and chrome colored edges and accents which gives it a high quality and almost rustic feel. As with every other laptop, on the bottom, there are four rubber feet in each corner which gives the laptop traction so it firmly stays in one place. We have tried sliding the laptop on your flat shiny desks and the rubber feet did their job and held the laptop in place. Also on the bottom are dual built-in stereo speakers enclosed behind a mesh. The whole device weighs only a mere 1.35 kilos. The speakers have good sound quality but only as long as you keep the volume under 70%. Any higher and the sound starts coming out all grainy and almost unclear.


Moving on, the laptop has a keyboard which is very similar in style to its predecessor. The keys are placed at just the right height, which is neither too low nor too high and the tactile response on them is great. The big change with the keyboard n X4 is that it now has two backlights which we did not expect (considering the price point) but definitely appreciate it. It is a white light and bright enough to help you work in the dark. Although the backlight is very bright and a much-appreciated feature, it is hard to read the keys from certain angles. Right below the keyboard is the touchpad which is a Windows precision one and a very good one at that and again just like the keyboard it has a great tactile response as well and the response time just like high-end laptops is great and very quick.

On the side of the laptop are the SSD slots. The SSD slot is 2242 but can support pretty much all sizes such as the 2260 and 2280 which we think is a very good move on JUMPER’s part. The sides also have the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, one HDMI slot to enhance the laptops connectivity and lastly, it has two USB 3.0 slots. On the very top bezel, right above the screen, there is a 2-megapixel front camera. The quality of the camera is rather disappointing and is good for day to day Skype calls only. We tried taking a few pictures with the camera and let’s just say they were not very flattering to look at.



The JUMPER EZBOOK X4 has an astonishing 14.0 inches Full HD IPS display. Looking at the screen and the display it almost looks like you are looking at an ultrabook. The X4 has a very sharp glossy display which means that there is a shiny protective glass on the surface of the screen. The screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels which makes for a sharp, clear, vivid, and high-quality HD display. Another promising feature related to the display of the JUMPER EZBOOK X4 is the 9th Generation UHD 600 Integrated graphics.


Although the IPS display makes for a stable and bright viewing experience, it does not perform that well under bright sunlight thereby affecting reading and viewing on the laptop screen. We also noticed some issues with viewing angles. Horizontal viewing angles work just fine but when viewing vertically the display becomes problematic. It does not remain as sharp and you begin to see some shadows especially around the corners. But all things considered, we believe that the JUMPER EZBOOK X4 has a decent display quality.


The JUMPER EZBOOK X4 boasts a DDR4L 8GB RAM and a 128GB storage capacity. The 8GB RAM feature is comparable to most high-end laptops in the market. The DDR4L RAM is clocked at 1333MHz and is a big step up, and therefore has significantly helped improve the overall performance of the laptop compared to its predecessors, especially if you work with multiple applications simultaneously.

It also features a 1.1GHz Intel Gemini Lake N4100 Quad-core processor with turbo frequency up to 2.4Ghz. Although this is not a very powerful processor, it is capable of handling day to day tasks smoothly and efficiently without any hiccups, but unfortunately, it is not the ideal for gaming (but it is able to handle some casual gaming, nothing heavy) and is therefore not being used in the market anymore. In a nutshell, the JUMPER EZBOOK X4 is not in any way a gaming laptop but is rather purely an office notebook. This factor might be a deal breaker for some.


Thankfully, due to the unlocked UEFI feature, you are able to get more power out of the CPU by selecting Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework under the advanced settings tab. By doing this you can drastically increase the power of the processor. Speaking of the graphics card, the laptop boasts an Intel HD 600 graphics card. Sadly, this card isn’t very high end and therefore cannot support that many video games.

Battery Life:

The JUMPER EZBOOK X4 boasts a 9600mAh battery which lasts anywhere from 7 to 9 hours depending on what application is running on the system. We used it in normal office mode and found that the battery lasts longer than if you are using it for say watching video on YouTube. If you keep the brightness under control, that also significantly helps in preserving battery life and it doesn’t discharge as quickly as it does when the brightness is at the maximum. We tested the battery by cranking the brightness to 100% and then played a youtube video on it. The battery lasted for about 5 and a half hours which honestly, we think is pretty great. The total time it takes for the device to completely charge to 100% is round about three hours which we think isn’t pretty bad since most devices take at least 2 hours. All things considered, we are happy with the battery life of the JUMPER EZBOOK X4 and think that it lasts a pretty good amount of time it lasts.



Final Verdict:

To conclude, we think the JUMPER EZBOOK X4 is an amazing device with features that definitely is making heads turn. It has a great design and build quality. The full aluminum outer chassis is a great design element and it adds a layer of protection for the contents of the machine. The 1080p display is great and we feel there is not much to complain about when talking about display quality with the exception of the shadows you see at certain viewing angles. In addition to this, it also offers a whopping 8GB of DD4L RAM which has significantly improved the performance of this amazing laptop.

But nonetheless, for users who might need it for running more than the day to day office applications, the performance lag might become an issue with consistent use not initially but maybe over time.

All things considered, if you are on the hunt for a high-quality notebook laptop for everyday tasks then the JUMPER EZBOOK X4 is just the thing for you.

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