Join us at the opening of the Web Summit!

The Web Summit is a conference about technology that is held every year with the intention that the major brands in this market publicize their future projects, and it also offers a great opportunity to retailers to enter this difficult world. Currently, the event is being held in Lisbon, after two really successful years, which is why a series of agreements were made with the rulers of this country to maintain the exclusivity for a few more years.

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This conference will be held from November 5 to 8, more specifically at the Altice Arena. It is known that more than 70,000 people will attend and there will be thousands of stands of different brands all over the place. It should be noted that the hours will be the following; on November 5, the reception will open at 07: 00h and will close the event at 23: 00h. The 6th of November will start at 07:00h, but the main register will close at 3:00 p.m. Despite this, it must be said that on Monday, November 5, the registers are admitted from 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm and the rest of the days, that is to say on November 6, 7 and 8, it will be admitted from 08:30h to 17:00h.


The opening ceremony of the Web Summit 2018

The Web Summit has great relevance in the technological world and has a strong impact on the lives of all, which makes it a must for different public figures. For example, at the opening ceremony, it was possible to see the presence of one of Apple’s representative, Lisa Jackson, who declared, “I have come to inspire me with you, thinkers and creators.” Among her statements, she also mentioned the current situation of the environment stating, “There is no conflict between a green environment and business.” Finally, she left a message to the masses stating, “Education is fundamental to society”.

Web Summit Apple

Another extremely important representative who was present was the UN president, Antonio Guterres, who declared for the benefit of humanity, “The machines that are capable of attacking humanity must be packaged and banned.”

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At the same time that the president of the UN was speaking, appeared to offer the audience a few words for the ceremony Portugal’s Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, who referred to the agreement of permanence of the event. “We are delighted to have the Web Summit in Lisbon for the next 10 years, Portugal has been very fortunate to welcome you, not only for the Web Summit but also for the prosperity of the nation.” After these statements, the current Lisbon Mayor, Fernando Medina, made a momentary entry to offer a picture of Magallanes to the organizers of the Web Summit.

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Finally, and with a pompous closing, the Web Summit has been inaugurated; join us in these days of conferences full of technological innovations and surprises!

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