JMGO SA Ultra-Short Throw 7000 ANSI Lumens Laser Projector at $2399.99

The Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector was one of the most successful products of the company. It was the first in its type. Of course, there had been many Japanese products with identical features, but the Xiaomi projector broke the stereotypes that a laser projector should cost a fortune. Actually, it is priced around $1800. This is much for regular customers. But when taking into account what amazing features it comes with, we understand it deserves the require money. However, if you want something better, we have found a new product that is going to grab all the laurels. We are offering to take a look at the JMGO SA. This is an ultra-short throw 7000 ANSI lumens laser projector. As you see, it has a higher brightness than the Xiaomi product’s 5000 ANSI lumens. This is the main reason why it costs more, $2399.99.  But there are other advantages as well.

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Actually, if you need a projector, you have to be careful because projectors are very sensitive equipment that functions in multiple environments such as schools, office, churches, cinemas and so on. You should pay more attention to the performance rather than the appearance. As for the JMGO SA, we are familiar with the products coming our way from this brand. So there are no doubts concerning its build quality, performance, etc. Say, the JMGO J6S with 1100 ANSI lumens is one of the best products of the company. But the JMGO SA is an absolute leader due to the decent specs list. Let’s dive into details.


The JMGO SA projector is a heavy duty product with a dimension of 41.00 x 30.00 x 9.00 cm and it weighs 7kg. This simply means, it can perfectly fit into an average size backpack and be carried seamlessly over appreciable distances. Like the Xiaomi model, this is a theater-class laser projection TV, which delivers a 150-inch TV experience. The JMGO SA comes with a 0.233:1 large depth of field lens and has an ultra-short focal lens design. Shortly, you only have to place this projector at 50cm distance from the wall to achieve a 150-inch projection.



Our protagonist also sports an Amlogic quad-core chip and it supports 1920 x 1080 native resolution. The chip is also paired with a 2GB DDR3 RAM and 16GB eMMC storage. Apart from this, the projector runs on the Android that is more than sufficient for a projector. Its high-precision, convenient, efficient and accurate electronic focus means that no detail is left out during the course of usage.


You don’t need to think about the JMGO SA as a simple screenless TV, as it comes with a high-quality stereo, which uses a custom inbuilt high-power, dual full-frequency, dual high-frequency, and high-fidelity 30W speaker system.



At last, the JMGO SA has many common things with the Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector. Say both models come with 30.000 hours of lamp life, WiFi and HDMI support, 4K and 3D support, and so on. But the main advantage of this model is the 7000 ANSI lumens. So if you want a brighter projection, you have to pay more.

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