JMGO N7L dlp Projector is now available for just $535.99

The new JMGO N7L is now available for the purchase.

Coupon: O371D634A1D000

JMGO as always brings the customers the best product. After the launch of the new JMGO 1895S which was a vintage design, the company has now come up with the new product which will give you more proper light in the day.


Features of JMGO N7L:

The new JMGO N7L is the product which comes with the 700 ANSI and this feature will give you the more bright view display in the daytime. The autofocus technology is provided from the company in this new projector so that you get the convenient operation and it also helps in stable image quality. The customers can view the screen from different angles. The projector provides the 45-degree angle view of the screen. Along with this, you get the vertical keystone correction for breaking the limit of placement.


The new technology comes with glass technology. This technology will provide the customers with a stable image and the durability. Higher the brightness of the projector, the better the quality of the image you will get. So for this brightness, the company provides the four channels LED light.

It is always the better option to get the speakers along with the projector. The new JMGO N7L provides you the dual speaker which will give the HiFi sound.



The battery of the new JMGO N7L comes with the remote control. The product comes with the 2 X AAA batteries. So this will give the customers the better backup.


Now the new JMGO N7L is available on a great discount on this New Year. Get the gadget at just $589 99

Coupon: O371D634A1D000


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  1. The best part is that the projector comes with the netflix and youtube. Now I do not need to open my laptop for watching the movies and you tube videos. Thank you for this review.

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