JmGO L6_H DLP Projector now available for just $1023.99

Home theatre projectors are the demand of today. We look for viable home theatre system to enjoy a cinema-like experience at home. Here we have come with a short review article on JmGO L6_H DLP Projector. It is an Android-based home theatre that covers 3000 to 4000 lumens brightness and DLP image system.

Furthermore, the JmGO L6_H DLP can cast a big screen up to the size of 40 to 300 inches. For audio output, the projector has inbuilt speakers and can work at the power input voltage of 100-240V.

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JMGO L6_H DLP Projector

On the chipset, the JmGO L6_H Projector holds an Amlogic T968 quad-core processor. Moreover, the system includes multiple ports on the backside for connection purpose.

Overall, the JmGO L6_H DLP Projector looks moderate but can be far better than traditional home theatre equipment. Below are some key specialities in detail.

Features and Specifications

Colour and Design

At design, the JmGO L6_H DLP Projector imparts an exquisite and handy design. It takes unique design attributes with metal-made body and Silver colour skin.

The front side has a light outlet along with the brand logo. The top surface is plain but gorgeous while the back panel contains various connectivity ports to go further. The JmGO L6_H measures at 31.9×19.6×10.2 cm and weighs 2.5kg.

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JmGO L6_H DLP Projector Display

The L6_H DLP can draw a big picture size to create a cinema-like experience. You will enjoy a screen size of 40 to 300 inches along with correspondent features. The display provides up to 4000 lumens brightness and 0.672916 aspect ratio.

Similarly, the JmGO L6_H Projector creates a DLP image system and 1080p (1920×1080) native resolution. Likewise, the video screen resolution and contrast ratio are 1920×1080 pixels and 125.000 respectively.

Connectivity Options

Well, the company has loaded the L6_H Projector with multiple ports for wired connectivity. On the backside, there is S/PDIF, dual-USB and dual-HDMI ports, and a LAN port etc.

Hence, you can attach gadgets like external speakers, a mobile phone, a USB drive, a desktop, and a gaming console to enjoy the moments.

Additionally, the projector has a Bluetooth for wireless connection establishment.

Remote Controller

To manage the operations from a distance, you will get an additional remote controller. It adopts attractive design and able to perform everything from your couch.

Other Features

Also, the JmGO L6_H DLP Projector has inbuilt speakers, LED bulb, multiple language support, app support, Pico, Android OS, -/+ 40 digital keystone correction, 1.52 throw ratio, and some other specifications.

JmGO L6_H DLP Projector Price

The cost of the JmGO L6_H DLP Projector is $1,023.99 after an 18% off on Banggood store. Click to buy now:

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