JMGO J6S 4K Projector Review

Isn’t it awesome to experience HD videos in a 100 inches large screen? The answer surely probably yes. You want to buy a projector most probably for enjoying media or presentation purposes. Do you want to use the projector as a home theater? If the answer is yes, then JMGO has a perfect projector for you which is JMGO J6S 4K. To know more about this device, go through the whole review.

Design and Appearance

Most of the time users face a common problem for the larger size of a projector. You may not want a large box sized projector in your table during the presentation. In that case, JMGO did a great a job. The J6S 4K is a compact and lightweight projector having a beautiful metallic diagonal design. We can assure you that the uncommon design of the projector will amaze you. On different sides, you will find different ports for connecting to different devices. At the bottom, there are holes for cooling.

The projector weighs only 1.5560 kg having a relative smaller size of (L X W X H) 21 X 13.50 X 10.70 cm or 8.27 x 5.31 x 4.21 inches which is not that big. The whole package weighs 2.8970 kg having a size of (L X W X H) 29.80 x 26.00 x 13.00 cm / 11.73 x 10.24 x 5.12 inches.

So, in design and appearance, JMGO J6S 4K will not disappoint you.

Basic Features and Hardware

The J6S comes with some impressive features and hardware. It features a quad-core Amlogic chip. The projector is well equipped with 2GB DDR3 RAM and 16GB of eMMC. J6S has the main resolution of 1920 x 1080. It also supports 4K resolution.

For different room areas, it has an adjustable projection distance from 0.5 to 3 meters and an adjustable projection size from 80 to 120 inches which are more than enough we think. It has a brightness level of 1100LM and the image aspect ratio of 16:9/ 4:3.

J6S has various interfaces including HDMI, RJ45, USB, SPDIF. It also has a built-in speaker. It features Bluetooth and WiFi which is awesome.


The most amazing part of this projector we think is its 0.8 meters projection ratio. This allows the J6S projector to be positioned from the screen at a shorter distance than the screen width.

The 100% offset means the center of the lens coincides with the lower border of the image. To tilt the projector up, it has center adjustable front legs. Keystone distortion is automatically corrected.

JMGO claims that the projector can be placed under any vertical slope including a side angle of 90 degrees. To fix it on a tripod, there is a hole under the projector. The manufacturer of this device assumes that the users will operate it from behind. So, it has an infrared remote sensor on the rear panel.


For connecting this projector to various kinds of devices, it features almost all kinds of connecting ways. It has various interfaces like HDMI, RJ45, USB, SPDIF to connect the projector to other devices such as PC, USB flash drive etc. It also features Bluetooth 4.0 and dual-band WiFi for controlling and fast connection.

As a Media Device

It is the most important thing about a projector. Why we use a projector? For presentation purpose or for enjoying media. In both cases, this projector will be a perfect choice.

This projector has 1100 ANSI Lumens high brightness. This will let you watch contents in daylight without missing anything from the screen. This also helps to enhance the clarity and smoothness of the projection of images. The display has a resolution of 1080P which is very awesome.

JMGO j6S has HDMI and USB 3.0 ports which allow you to connect to various kind of devices and play in a mode called the media mode. There is a cinema mode but it is not available with an HDMI connection.

Play contents from other devices

The projector can be connected to your smartphone or computer through USB adapter and through WiFi by using a free JMGO application. The application is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. You will be able to broadcast videos, photos, documents and sound files wirelessly which is awesome.

You will be able to add annotations on top of the files using this application. You can also browse the web through this application.

You can also project your files from your PC by connecting the projector to your PC through a USB A-USB A cable.

There is USB port, eMMC, microSD card slot in this projector. So, you will be able to project HD and 4K videos and images from its internal eMMC, or from a USB device, or from a microSD card. It also supports viewing of different types of file formats including Word/ Excel/ PDF/ Powerpoint documents.

File Formats Support

JMGO J6S is a device which supports almost all kinds of audio, video and files formats.

Video formats: J6S 4K supports 4K, HD, H.264, MPEG-4, HEVC, WMV, and many other video formats.

Audio formats: It supports MPEG, AAC, FLAC, AMR, COOKER, PCM, WMA, and many other audio formats.

Picture Formats: J6S supports JPS, PNG, BMP, GIF picture formats.

So, you won’t face any problem in playing any kind of file formats.

As and Bluetooth Speaker

You already know that the projector has a built-in HiFi speaker. You can connect this projector via Bluetooth to other devices and use it as an independent speaker which is capable of producing amazing sounds.

Use it as a Home Theater

Who doesn’t want a home theater in their house? This JMGO J6S is perfect for being a home theater. It has a throw ratio of 1.2:1. This ratio enables you to project from a 2.5-meter distance to project a 2-meter width large screen. Isn’t that amazing? You can enjoy 4K or HD videos with your family on this giant screen. The dual-band wifi will let you watch online HD videos fluently.

After discussing all these things, we can surely say that this JMGO J6S is perfect for being used as a media device or presentation purpose device.

Operating System

JMGO J6S is well equipped with their self-developed smart JMGO operating system which is developed on Android platform. So, you will get an Android environment during operating the device. The projector doesn’t support 3D technology. But the operating system will let you replicate 3D movies and images. As it is based on the Android platform, you can install various audio and video streaming apps and enjoy more.

What will you get inside the Package

Inside the box, you will get all the necessary things. You will get one projector, one power adapter, two remote controllers, three converters, one flying Squirrel, and an English user manual. Each remote need 2 AAA batteries. The batteries don’t come with the box.

Things We didn’t like

Though this is one of the best projectors in the market, we found some cons about this device

  1. It is not 3D compatible.
  2. The internal eMMC is only 16GB which could be more.
  3. You won’t find DVB-T with this projector.

Our Verdict

After reviewing JMGO J6S 4k, we can tell that it is one of the best projectors for the minimal illuminating room. We don’t think any company can give more features in this price range. It can produce beautiful images. The screen can be wide from 80 to 120 inches which is more than enough. You can use its built-in player to play media files without connecting to a pc or smartphone. Actually, it can be very useful for moderate users. So, we strongly recommend you to buy this projector.

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  1. How is the sound from the inbuilt speakers does it have a cinema effect of just standard twin speaker sound. Also picture quality? I have been watching this projector for some time but im hesitant buying it because nobody has posted a video of just some movie previews with sound and picture display and reviews are non existant.

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