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Today, we are going to share our experience with the smart home theater JMGO E8 projector.
It so happened that home projectors have always been associated with large, noisy and expensive devices. Fortunately, progress did not stand still. Over the past few years, manufacturers have flooded store shelves with affordable projectors.JmGO-Smart-Projector

For a long time, projectors have improved on the way to increase brightness and resolution, but circumstances have emerged that have become a serious obstacle to the introduction of high-resolution projectors. The main problem was the transmission of a high-resolution signal due to its gigantic volume, which is increasing exponentially. Each step to increase the pixel density by two times leads to an increase in the signal volume by four times. An additional contribution of a comparable volume is added by an increase in the width and depth of the color spectrum. Low demand for projectors with an increased but unclaimed resolution, prompted manufacturers to start improving their quality characteristics. It is important to emphasize that this is not about the piece of Hi-Fi projectors for the elite, but about mass projectors. There are several manufacturers of such projectors JMGO E8 is one of the leaders among them. It was the one which took fundamental steps to improve the quality of the image reproduced by affordable projectors.

Why purchase home theater?

Do you know the situation when, having returned from the cinema, you decided to purchase a CD with your favorite Hollywood blockbuster hit? Remember that disappointment after watching the disc, when the great special effects, so startled you, suddenly pitifully sounded from the small speakers of the TV? After that, you realize that to see the film as the director intended it, you need a technique of adequate quality, where the acoustics provide a deep and realistic sound.


Perhaps the most practical and quite affordable is a one-box home cinema. With its purchase, you get a complete set of home theater components – electronics and acoustics – everything that is necessary for a pleasant pastime. This technique is a great find for those who like to watch movies in good quality, listen to music, but at the same time have no opportunity to spend large sums and select individual components of good acoustics.

JMGO E8: What is in the package?

The smart projector has a modest size and comes in a very compact box. In the package are included:

1 x JMGO E8 Smart Home Theater,

1 x Power Adapter,

1 x IR Remote Control (please note that it is powered by 2 x AAA batteries, which are not included in the package because of the security issues)

1 x English User Manual

JMGO E8 projector

JMGO E8: Appealing design of smart home theater

JMGO E8 LED projector has a round shape. It is made of a round case in gold color. Due to its beautiful design, it will fit into any home interior design, and even become its decoration. The dimensions of 219 * 219 * 60 mm will allow you to put the projector almost everywhere – on the nightstand, on the table or wherever you want. Whenever you are at home or in the office, it can be connected to other external equipment without any hassle.

There are touch buttons on the top cover of the case.

JMGO E8-Smart-MiniProjector

It has 750 ANSI fluorescent lamps, and supports vertical correction of ± 40 °. The projection factor of 1.2: 1 is equipped with a new system JMGO OS, a unique appearance of the interface.

JMGO E8-smart-projector

The back panel of the projector is black. There are special adjustable legs that keep the stability of JMGO E8 on the table or on the furniture.

Smart Projector JMGO E8: Powerful Characteristics

New compact LED projector is featured with Android operating system. The Android operating system will allow you to use a large number of applications for watching TV channels and movies, as well as using social networking applications, instant messengers, working with a browser and much more. The light output of 750 ANSI Lumens will provide sufficient image brightness even in lightened rooms.

JMGO E8 projector

The maximum size of the projector diagonal is 1280 x 800 quality up to 300 inches. Moreover, the JMGO E8 projector is featured with optical zoom functionality. This function prevents the image quality of damaging. You can freely adjust the size of the images, without worrying about the output display image. JMGO E8 has a noise level of only 32 dB. This means that is quite not the noisy projector. The display of the smart projector has a very high quality with a contrast ratio of 5000:1.
Furthermore, there is an ability to change the place of the projector from 0.5 m to 7.5 m, to get the excellent quality projection output. The JMGO E8 smart projector can support an image scale of 16:9 ratio. Please note that projector needs 100-240 V regular charge for operating.

JMGO E8: Quality of reproduction and 3D

In addition to the stunning picture size of 300 inches, JMGO E8 has an active 3D feature. It is just enough to have adapted 3D glasses and JMGO E8 immerse the viewer hand long into the multimedia world, and the built-in speakers fill the room with high-quality sound. In our standpoint it is a stunning functionality. You are not just watching the movie, you are in the movie. Fighting, walking and running with the heroes. The JMGO E8 smart projector and 3D glasses are uploading you to the virtual world full of excitement and fantasy.

JMGO E8: Built-in speaker system

The JMGO E8 smart projector has built-in speakers, thus allowing you to get the pleasure of using it right out of the box. Besides the fact that the speakers reproduce sounds from movies, clips, you can also connect to the via Bluetooth and use the projector as a Bluetooth speaker.


JMGO E8: Projection size

Despite the compact size, JMGO E8 smart projector allows you to get super high-quality image size from 20 to 300 inches, depending on the distance of the projector to the projected surface. It is possible to get an even larger image, but then the sharpness and saturation of the image will fall. When moving the projector, you will need to focus on it. Focuses the JMGO E8 projector in just a couple of the movements, from the remote.

JMGO E8 projector size

JMGO E8: What about the connectivity of the projector?

The JMGO E8 smart projector has different options. On the opposite side of the projector are placed the most important connectors.

1 x RJ-45. This one is for connecting the projector to the network
1 x USB 2.0- This can be used for connecting peripherals and flash drives
1 x USB 3.0- It can provide you high-speed connection type for external storage media
1 x HDMI – here you can connect a computer, game console, etc.
1 x mini Jack 3.5 mm- for connecting stereos


JMGO E8: The content formats which are supported

You can watch videos of different formats such as MPG, MP4, VOB, DAT, FLV, RM, AVI and others. The supported image formats are JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF. Morever, there is a functionality to play audio on the JMGO E8 projector too. We can play MPEG-2, MPEG-1, MP3, AC-3, DOLBY, HE-AAC, AAC-LC, WMA9 PRO and WAM file extensions.

JMGO E8: Conclusion

I am extremely pleased with the projector, so much so that after three weeks from the purchase, I still wonder how the light reflected from a simple wall can look so much like a regular TV, only big. Would I recommend it for purchase? Certainly yes. But prepare a room for him to reveal his possibilities, which he has plenty of fully. JMGO E8 is equipped with many useful functionalities. We want to mention the availability of various projection modes such as Ceiling, Back Protection, and Throwing.


It can support Dual-band Wi-Fi. As we tell already above you can watch 3D movies, however, note that there is an ability to convert them to 2D and vice versa. Everything is made in such a way to facilitate the utilization of the projector.
The indicator which is located on the projector tells you about the current status of the product.
For instance, blue color means that the projector is on a Bluetooth mode. The orange – that the projector is in projecting mode. Finally, when there is not displaying anything, it means that the projector is not active.
Hope that our review will be useful for you.

Please do not hesitate to leave comments and ask questions.

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