JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector: Your Vintage Collection


JMGO a brand of projector presents before you a never expected piece of art in the form of its field. A projector which looks like an old handled projector a manual one but has the specification of a modern high technology projector if you keep this projector in an antique museum any visitor unless he notices carefully will look it as a magnificent antique piece of art.

The body is made up of ABS, glass, and metal giving it a perfect look. Every part of the projector provides proper functionalities and preciseness. It has both wired and non-wired connections, a remote-control system, supports every kind of multimedia format, has 4K media support, a promising 3-D sound experience, Low electrical consumption. Every good product or device when provides a different and unique product also demands the cost for it.
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The product has a higher price than a standard projector does, but it is not a normal projector, and it has a specific look launched first of its kind. Now after going through the overview of the product, let us look forward to what more specifications the product carries within itself. The summary of the product has already impressed me, and I already want to own the product, but before that, I want to know more about this unambiguous product.

JMGO 1895S


Design of JMGO 1895S:

The JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector Home Theatre- Black AU PLUG is the first retro projector. It looks exactly like an antique piece of art preserved from a very long period. The black and golden contrast of the color provided gives it a more stunning look. The black portion of the projector has been given a perfect matte finish which adds up to the elegance of the projector

There are two wheels on the side one beneath the other decreasing in size with the function buttons on their center. The wheels are non-operable, they are just there for the antique look of the projector — three operable nobs located only on the side of the smaller wheel for sound modification. On the exact another side there are two analog meters for the speed and voltage variation.

JMGO 1895S

You can see a handle right at the end of this face of the projector. This handle can be rotated to specify the kind of input the projector has been provided. It has been provided with a classy shape and design keeping everything about the antique look of the product in consideration.

The front view shows you the lens popping out of the magnificent piece. The lens vessel has an adjustable focus version to ensure that the projector can be used in any work or light condition. The overall description of the product comes up to be, a perfect piece for you if you are looking for old tradition with technologies of the modern trend.


Now you may be wondering what an antique piece of the projector may have fewer options of connections, as the main focus may have gone towards the designing of the product. But you don’t have to worry about it. The JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector Home Theatre- Black AU PLUG has the same sources of connectivity as there are in a modern looking compact laptop. Projectors are to have all kinds of connection parameters, be it wire or non-wire, and so thus this one has.

JMGO 1895S

Looking forward to the normal connections or wire connections, first, you get three options. The HDMI port, a USB port, and an AV port. The only thing to do after you connect the projector to any of the sources you have to adjust the handle to point to that name of the connection.

The HDMI port is used to connect the projector to compare different kinds of multimedia devices. Suppose you are working on a laptop or computer, or a gaming console, even a digital tv box, the projector provides with the port to connect and enjoy a theatre experience. The USB port can be used to connect the smartphones and various kinds of multimedia devices. You can directly view anything from your cell phone or your pen drive enjoying the experience.

The projector comes with the WI-FI and Bluetooth connection. It helps you to connect your device directly to the invention without letting you worry about wires and stuffs. Here again, the product proves to be a modern product with an antique look.

JMGO 1895S

Quality Factor of the Projector:

JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector can provide you with the perfect display in any light condition, day or night. It provides you with a screen resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixels. It also supports the 4K format of video. The brightness emitted by the device extends up to 1200 ANSI. The projector comes with a contrast ratio of 5000: 1 and a throw ratio of 1:1:1. The projector can give the best visual display if placed in any distance between 2 meters and 7.3. Meters. In between these distance variations, the image or the screen size will vary from 80 inches to 300 inches. So, you can see your videos and stuff at any screen size without any difficulty.

JMGO 1895S provides you with an image scale of three variations in ratios, 16:10, 16:9, 4:3. The power supply required by the projector is 100 to 240 volts. JMGO 1895S has an inbuilt speaker within it which makes a noise of not more than 30 decibels. Though the projector comes with all standard function keys, it also has a remote-control system to keep you more comfortable at the place you are sitting. It comes with a LED lamp control system.

JMGO 1895S

The company promises a lamp life of 30,000 thousand hours. If these numerals are calculated, then you can enjoy the projectors specifications for 8 hours daily up to ten years of time. Ten years, you might be thinking is it possible but yes, it is proved by this piece of antique looking bright projector.

Processor and performance of the Projector:

The JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector comes with 72 details, 200 crafts, and 500 creative collisions. It creates a work of art with temperature and soul. The lens provided upon the projector can resist 98% of light transmission. You can rotate the lens to an angle of 45 degrees to each side ensuring. The best visuality no matter at which place or at what direction it is. The Speakers are to provide you with a 3-D Experience.

JMGO 1895S

JMGO 1895S supports various kind of multimedia formats. The gadget covers all the available formats of picture video and audio ranging. It varies from the lowest quality to the highest quality possible in this world. The Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac supports all kinds of wireless transmissibility. JMGO 1895S is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android Devices, Pc’s, SONY, PS4, and Xbox. So here you can enjoy every kind of multimedia action be it a video audio gaming console or picture format with this projector. It even supports the external subtitles.

Considering every specifications and detail of JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector, the box package of the product contains a projector itself, a remote and a power adaptor. These three parts are the primary need of the projector, and your box will include everything accordingly.

For your concern, the package content also contains the user manual. People who are not aware of the working of the projector can efficiently operate the projector. Android has already made the user interface easy, and user manuals make it easier.

 JMGO 1895S


Overall Verdict:

JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector is an unambiguous product where you can get a good user interface along with a new look. The user can operate the product smoothly due to a good interface. Even if, the user is facing any issues then they can get a user manual in the package content as every device have.

JMGO 1895S

JMGO 1895S is a dual multimedia supporter device. So, this creates significant value in the market as soon as it got deployed. The number of projectors which has a traditional look and high specifications are introduced less in the market. Hence, it is clear that the value of the product is much as compared to the simple projectors. Here, again the technology comes into the discussion. Better technology leads to much demand. Similarly, a projector with trending technology is in need.

The China brand product is available in many shopping sites. Gear best is the relevant website to get the product at a reasonable rate. In gear best, the price of the projector is $1199.99. But you need to see the reviews and buy it accordingly.

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