(Coupon Deal) JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector: Home Theater, For Just $1149

There is currently a truth that no one can deny, and it is that technology is advancing faster every day, it is for these reasons that new devices are constantly coming onto the market and the old ones are left in oblivion, without taking into account the true incredible that those devices were at the time. It turns out that, to recall this past, a projector with a classic design, but with features of a modern gadget, has come onto the market. This is the JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector to enjoy the best old movies, but with the quality that technology currently offers, both image and sound.

Buy JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector: Home Theater, For Just $1149

The two big wheels of JMGO 1895S are not “vases”. They can rotate automatically with the play of the film and reproduce childhood memories. The two big knobs in the middle also have a mystery. The knobs on the top can adjust the speed and speed of the film and can be paused by pressing them lightly. The knobs below can control the volume of the film. The small, light press can achieve silence.

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In terms of configuration, JMGO 1895S has 1200 A NSI high lumen, 1080P full HD resolution, 45 degrees trapezoidal correction, autofocus, 1.1:1 projection ratio, placed about 2.3 meters away from the wall can project 100 inches of super large screen, such configuration can be said to be ahead of other brands of smart micro projectors.

Finally, JMGO 1895S has a rich interface, supporting 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz dual-band WIFI, built-in high-quality HIFI class dual speakers. It can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker when standby. It contains JmGO OS intelligent operating system and can watch all kinds of movies online with WIFI. JMGO 1895S is absolutely a high-grade home high-configuration intelligent projection product, no less than smart TV, can meet most of the entertainment needs.

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The minimum recommended is 2 meters and the maximum is 7.3 meters. It has a capacity of 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM that can be expanded up to 64GB. In addition to all this, it can be connected to Bluetooth 4.0 and the remote control is operated by means of 2 AAA batteries. It has two formats to show the pixels on the screen, square or in the form of diamonds (which eliminate the edges of most images).

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Buy JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector For Just $1149.99


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