JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector now available for just $1299.99

The new JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector is now available for purchase from Gearbest.

The traditional things are always the best and worth using for a long time. And when you get the new technology in the traditional object it is always unbeatable. JMGO has made it possible apart from all the companies making the latest designs. JMGO has come up with the traditional design with the latest technology along with the 200 crafts, 500 creative Collins.

The new projector comes with the Luxury calf leather case, which carries the ultimate sense of the noble. The base of the projector is very impressive which is known as the sand casting base provides more thickness and more weight to the projector. The more weight of the projector makes it quite more cool and comfortable to use. You now can manually adjust the HDMI and AV signal source form the projector. Also, you get the option of the adjustable vertical projection angle. You just need to rotate the lock button to fix the angle.

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Another feature that the new JMGO 1895S comes with is that you get the 3 Grade volume to adjust rotary knob, which makes you select the sound effect at your own will. JMGO 1895S projector also shows you the running and the heat dissipation on the high-precious instrument panel display. You also get the up and down -/+ 45-degree correction. This correction helps you to make the screen free for the greater display.


As we have told that the new JMGO 1895S got the new technology. So, now you get the option of the 2.4G+5G dual-band WiFi along with the option of video playback which is super powerful. The JMGO 1895S got an effective cooling system, which means that the new projector runs quite good than others and more stable. You get a molded glass lens which allows the 98% of the light transmittance. The sound effect you get is the level of Cinema and you get a quite feel that you are in a Cinema hall enjoying a movie and other serials.


JMGO North American Cherry Solid Stand

JMGO 1895S

You always require a stand for any projector to make it stable and work effectively. So the JMGO company has also come up with the new JMGO North American Cherry Solid Wood Stand for this JMGO 1895S projector. The projector got the natural color which will be loved by you. As the JMGO 1895S looks like an antique or a traditional gadget. So the company has made the stand according to the use, so that is too get the traditional look and is usable along with the projector.


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  1. The jmgo always brings the classic look in projectors. Love this one. Thank you for the work, I will share this link to others too.

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