[Coupon] JJRC X7P 4K Drone: 5G WiFi, Two-axis Gimbal, Brushless, For Just $235.99

JJRC X7P 4K Drone comes with lots of improvements compared to its predecessor. The biggest change is around its video gear. Instead of a 1080P camera with 1-axis gimbal, it features 4K camera with 2-axis mechanical stabilization. Furthermore, it promises longer flight time over the older model. According to the rumored specs, the 7.6 V/2950 mAh allows up to 25 minutes flight time.

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In terms o design there is not much change – apparently, both aircraft and remote controller looks just like its predecessors. The JJRC Smart+ will be also available in black and white color versions. The dual-satellite positioning system is combined with ultrasonic and optical flow positioning. These visual sensors provide super stable hovering in an indoor environment.


As I previously mentioned, the Smart+ comes with the same bulky transmitters as the SMART. On the front panel, besides the usual control sticks, it has only 4 buttons (M – Flight mode, Take-off/Land, Camera, and RTH). The left shoulder dial-knob allows to remotely adjust the camera’s tilt angle. If you believe the manufacturer, a fully charged LiPo battery will allow you to fly on the drone up to 23 minutes, but here the battery is charged for an entire eternity, about 3 hours. Thanks to the built-in video recorder (DVR), you can record video to an SD card. The recorder allows you to shoot photos and videos with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. 5 minutes of video takes about 375mb.

On the right side of the JJRC X7P quadcopter is a micro-USB port. During the evening flights, you will be able to orientate yourself to the 4 LED lights under each beam. The front LEDs are red and the rear LEDs are green. I think they needed to change their colors. To use all the features of the JJRC X7P RC drone, you need to download and install a proprietary application called “Enjoy-Fly APP”. In the general settings menu, you will need to calibrate the compass and gyro sensor. Here you can also activate the “Beginner” mode, which limits the flight distance to 200 meters and the altitude to 120 meters.

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