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If you are searching for a drone for heavy usage with better performance, then follow me for a perfect one. Today I am here with the multi featured drone named JJRC X7. JJRC X7 is a product from the well known brand JJRC and it has lots of exciting features. JJRC has tried to ensure the best quality and performance for their customers in JJRC X7. In this article i am gonna discuss everything about JJRC X7. So let’s follow me for a complete JJRC X7 review.

JJRC X7 review

JJRC X7 is enriched with lots of exciting features and they tried to add almost all main and extra features to make JJRC X7 a complete package with a simple and cool appearance. Let’s  go in deep and discuss its design and appearance and main features.

Design and Appearance

JJRC X7 is a properly designed smart FPV drone and I found its design and appearance cool and simple at my first look. Let’s see what’s happening.

JJRC has designed JJRC X7’s surfaces and the whole body so smoothly and it made its appearance more attractive. There are two colors, Black and White available and it looks bright and cool in both cases. Its brand name JJRC is written in the center of its upper face. It has four propellers and they are placed nicely with four nuts over them. The propellers are well designed with brushless motors. Its battery has been placed in its middle part. Its landing gear is designed nicely and it can safely land.

Its 1080P camera has been placed in the front side of its battery and the camera is designed in a way that it can rotate to capture images in different angles.

It’s a medium sized FPV smart drone and its weight is not too heavy. You can easily carry it in your bags or whatever.

JRC X7 came with a simple and cool design. Its metal polish and smooth design made its appearance more attractive. There is nothing negative to tell about its design and appearance and you will be certainly amused at your first look.

The Hardware

It’s a drone from JJRC brand and it’s model is X7. It’a a Quadcopter.

JJRC X7 has a well configured hardware system and its powerful hardware properties make its performance better and more satisfactory. Let’s talk about its hardware.

It is made with metal and plastic materials. This combination of metal and plastic materials ensures the long lasting lifetime and strong and durable structure. Moreover its metal polish makes it cool and attractive.

It has been designed with powerful brushless motors and it ensures the best performance for the propellers and you will enjoy uninterrupted flight experience. Moreover, its wheelbase length is 280 mm.

Its build in 1080P WiFi camera will let you take pictures in HD quality. It can transmit 720P HD video in real time and you can record with your smartphones or tablets. It’s 120 degree wide angle camera and you can adjust your camera lens between 0 to 90 degree to take photos more accurately in different angles. Its HD WiFi camera will give you amazing performance with the powerful wifi and controlling support.

From my personal experience, it seemed to me its hardware properties are far better and its high configured hardware system will ensure the best experience for you.

Connectivity and Network Connections

JJRC X7 has come with a powerful and strong network connectivity system. You can control it via its remote controller or with its app. It’s a 5 GHz Wifi enabled quadcopter and you can control it from 300-500 meter distance. Its controlling distance is just incredible and it ensures you more exciting flight experience.  It can transmit 720P high quality video in real time from 200-300 meter distance because of its advance network configuration. Its advanced network connection system with 2.4 GH controlling frequency and long distance controlling support will amuse you certainly.

Altitude Hold Mode And GPS/GLONASS double mode

JJRC X7 is giving you the chance to access the altitude hold mode. Altitude hold mode ensures more stable flight. When you enter into altitude hold mode, the drone automatically maintain the current altitude. This feature will help you to take more clear and bright images and still pictures for you. GPS and GLONASS double mode helps you to stable your flight more comfortably and take pictures and HD videos more accurately. This altitude hold mode and GPS mode will make your journey with JJRC X7 great and satisfying.

Headless mode

Though drone flying is not a hard task but it’s not that simple as well. You have to be familiar with the directions of drones like forward,backward etc if you want to fly a drone fluently. But here comes the headless mode. It will help you if you are a newbie in drone flying case. JJRC X7 came with headless mode and now you can enjoy your flight in a more comfortable way. When you will enter headless mode, you don’t have to consider the direction matters or other stuffs and you can easily fly your drone as your wish. Headless more offers you to use this drone in different cases like professionally or as a toy for your children and so on.

User-defined Flight Plan

This is another feature for controlling your drone easily, specially if you are a newbie. You can fly and control your drone with this feature. You can set a manual path for your drone and then the drone itself will automatically fly according to flight path. You have to use the controlling app in your smartphone and just draw a flight path using your fingers. You are done and the drone will fly automatically. This feature will help you fly your JJRC X7 more easily and comfortably.

Powerful and Long lasting battery

JJRC X7’s battery life and performance is incredible. It has powerful 7.6V 2600mAh Lipo Battery. This high capacity powerful battery is giving you a flight time of about 25 minutes and it’s huge. Its charging time about 3 hours and USB charging is enabled here. Its powerful intelligent battery performance is much better compared to other available products in the market and 25 minutes flight time is amazing. Its huge flight time and  strong and durable battery with amazing battery performance made JJRC X7 is a perfect choice for heavy usage.

Easy and Powerful controlling system

Almost all drone making brands tries to make their controlling system as simple as possible. But JJRC has some unique functions in controlling system and they are just incredible. Its controlling system is so simple that even 12-14 years old kid can control it. Yes, it’s that much easy and simple!

It uses advanced and latest technologies that makes it control system so powerful. You can control it from 500 meter distance as it uses 5G WiFi and its controlling frequency is 2.4 GHz. It can transmit real time videos and data within 200-300 meter distance. See, this is huge. GPS mode helps to get the accurate positioning details of your drone at any instant.

The landing and return process is easier. One key return key allows you to get back your drone at hand just by one click. Here comes the most exciting one. It has built in return to home feature. When the drone is out of the controlling range or its battery signal gets low or weak, it will automatically return to its controller. That’s why JJRC X7 is called a smart drone. This  feature is so helpful if you are not familiar with drone flying that much and this return to home feature ensures you won’t never lose your drone by any chance.

You can control via its remote controller or your apps on your smartphone. They controlling system is almost same in both cases. The remote controller has a simple interface with buttons and joysticks for one key return home, off/on power button, headless mode, 360 rotate,altitude hold mode, orbit mode and so on.

JJRC X7 has designed their controlling system in a simple way that you only need to keep the least knowledge if you want to use it and its powerful configuration ensures you the best quality and performance.

Other functions

JJRC X7 enables you some more features to make your journey great with JJRC X7. You can enjoy 360 degree rolling and this real fun.

Here comes the orbit mode. This is an exciting feature if you want to use your drone professionally. You can set some waypoints and then the drone will automatically fly itself around the waypoints. This will help you to get panorama pictures and videos easily.

Moreover, you will get one X7 RC Quadcopter, one Remote Controller, one 7.6V 2600mAh Lipo Battery, one USB Charging Cable, two Spare Propeller, one10mm Open-end Wrench, one 2mm L-type Hex Wrench and an english user manual.


JJRC X7 is up to the mark in every sector and I could not find anything negative here. Its powerful and advanced technologies with smooth design have made it better option for you. Powerful and high configured hardware and network system, easy and powerful controlling system with bright and cool appearance will attract you certainly. So, if you are interested to buy a quality drone, why not give a try with JJRC X7?

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  1. Did you actually fly this drone and test all its functions?
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