[Super Deal] JJRC X11 RC Drone: One Battery With Storage Bag, For Just $162.99

The JJRC X11 RC Drone is a champion, being really good in every department. The real-life numbers may be slightly lower, but not far from the truth. For example, if you’re flying in a zone with high wifi interference you might get less distance and only fly for around 200-300m max. Also, the battery life might be somewhere around 16 minutes if you’re flying at a higher speed.

Buy JJRC X11 RC Drone Just at $162.99


The JJRC X11 has a compact size, brushless motors and excellent flight autonomy, all seasoned with a valid GPS module that will allow the return home in total safety in the event of loss of signal or various dangers. The video quality is not exceptional, but is especially enjoyable for viewing on smartphones or tablets, and therefore suitable for sharing on social networks. Easy to drive, and also to carry, is a good starting point for those who want to approach the world of drones for the first time.


Click on the follow mode, the distance between aircraft and the current location of the controller (cell phone or IPAD) is benchmark, where the controller move, where the aircraft fly; One key takeoff/landing/return, it’s more convenient to operate the drone when coming across unexpected conditions, suit beginners. GPS mode enables precise positioning and prevents losing the drone. The drone will perform a auto return if it loses signal or other conditions happen; Optical Flow Position: The combination of precise location by the vision position system and position hold by the optical flow positioning brings on a stable hovering for aerial shooting.

Click on any point on APP interface, it’ll automatically fly according to the assigned point, which allows the pilot to focus on camera control and enables more complex shots. The upgraded camera with 110° wide-angle lens ensures a panoramic view for recording your unforgettable moment, more importantly, which is able to adjust within 90°; 5G WIFI FPV: let you see what your drone sees, ideal for filming a designated spot or simply to look around. The 5G WIFI real-time transmission distance reaches to 300-800m. Up/down, forward/backward, turn left/right, sideward flight, altitude hold, GPS, 5G Wifi FPV, one key takeoff/landing/return, optical flow positioning, follow me, multi-point flight, surround mode, 2K camera, 1600m distance.

The remote control is well designed, and also convenient to hold. Not only does it have a smartphone dock on the back, but it also has two extensions on the bottom that make the handle even easier and more comfortable. From the remote control, you can take pictures and record videos, as well as set the speed of the drone and the angle of the camera.

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