[Super Sale] JJRC JJPRO X5: 5G WiFi FPV, 2K RC Drone For Just $142.99

The JJRC JJPRO X5 RC Drone is a tremendous product by JJPRO. The Light Grey color makes its outlook even shinning and awesome along with its ultra-modern shape and size. The design is charming and looking gorgeous from all angles. Consequently, its overall personality will convince you to make it a part of your regular toolkit.

Buy JRC JJPRO X5 RC Drone For Just at $142.99


This is a big drone, black in color and good looking too. You will also note that it has high legs. The size of the drone is 35 by 35 by 35 cm. It weighs about 400 g. This is not too much weight if you are looking for a drone that you can travel with. It also has nice LED lights that you can use for night flights. They make the drone look even more beautiful.


5G WiFisystem for a faster and clearer photos Brushless motor for a low noise, smooth running, and long service life GPS positioning system ensures a full control to the drone when in further distance Altitude hold positioning system provides a good stability Point of interesting flight:the drone automatically circles around the controller, elevating the flight experience Smart follow me mode: lock you as the object, then fly following you automatically without using the controller.

Recognize the person and automatically follow the figure, continually capture their actions and activities fly the drone easily without knowing the head position Safe flight: one key return, failure return to home, low voltage return to home Adjustable camera: 0-90 degrees adjustable range, shooting photos from different angles. Only smartphones supporting 5G are able to connect for FPV system When you hear about a phone being 4g it is referring to the 4th generation technology and not the frequency or band of wifi.

Verdict To Shop

If this is your first drone, start by flying it at a low speed and fly faster as you gain more experience. The JJRC JJPRO X5 4K Drone definitely gives good value for money. JJRC JJPRO X5 RC Drone is now available on Gearbest For Just at $142.99 on Super Sale. Click the following button for order now:

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Buy JRC JJPRO X5 RC Drone For Just at $142.99


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