JISIWEI I3 Smart Vacuum Cleaner Robot Review

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Hello everyone! In this review article,  we are going to share our experience with this multi-functional JISIWEI I3 Smart Vacuum Cleaner Robot.

In a generation of high-stakes innovation industry, the household appliances are not being left behind too.

People are increasingly eager to facilitate their lives with innovative ways to market a new product. Combining many useful functions into one device can help the product to play a leading role in a competitive, innovative market. To judge an innovation, it is essential to understand its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s go ahead and discuss the pros and cons of this smart robotic auto vacuum cleaner.

Description of features and functionalities of JISIWEI I3 Smart Vacuum Cleaner Robot


JISIWEI I3 Smart Vacuum Cleaner Robot is designed for cleaning and maintenance at home, providing security and protection. In other words, it gives you all solutions in one product for delivering the suitable environment in your apartment.

Appealing Design:

I3 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has a round shaped model design and a weight of 2.6600 kg. The dimensions of the product are the following: 13 x 14.2 x 2.7 inches.

Let’s agree that for the vacuum cleaner the product is very light. Also, it is very compact. The cleaner comes with an 8cm slim body, which is easy to keep even under the sofa or bed.

JISIWEI I3 Smart Vacuum Cleaner Robot slim body

So it doesn’t occupy much space in the house, which is a significant advantage for housekeepers who have not got big apartments.

The manufacturers have not forgotten about the various color variants of the cleaner too. You can find gold, gray and white color types of the product in the stores.


Useful Functionalities:


JISIWEI I3 Smart Vacuum Cleaner Robot features

This smart cleaner almost does not differ from the colleagues in the cleaning process. Regarding features and capabilities similar to the Ilife V5, or even V5 Pro, because I3 has the option of wet cleaning. But its main difference is that this vacuum cleaner, like the senior robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot, it has a WiFi module. Thanks to Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G technology, the vacuum cleaner can be controlled not so much with the remote control, but also with the help of a smartphone.

JISIWEI I3 Smart Vacuum Cleaner Robot WiFi connection

Another difference is the camera. 1.0MP HD web camera with 120-degree wide view angle lens supports motion detection and alarm. Besides that, it has a video and image record, as well as sound share.


It can transmit and record everything that falls into the field of view of the robot vacuum cleaner. Using a webcam and a JISIWEI Yun cloud server system you can receive videos and images that will allow you to see what is happening in your house, even when you were out.  When you are traveling abroad, the robot cleaner can control your pets by sending you an urgent warning of emergence through snapshot, video and sound recording. Also, it can send email notifications if the robot vacuum cleaner will notice movement or hear a noise in the apartment.

Different modes of operation, optimized cleaning routes, intelligent voice prompt and smart protective sensors make I3 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner the best choice even for the most demanding clients. While the operation like cleaning recharging, etc., there is an English voice prompt.

JISIWEI I3 Smart Vacuum Cleaner Robot control pets

This product helps you not to worry about anything and have a clean house!

Due to 7 cleaning ways, equipped with a big dustbin and two mopping pads (120 X 180mm), the cleaner can provide the multiple ways of cleaning. The capacity of dust-box is 600ml and has a HEPA efficient filtration. The dustbin can be quickly taken out from the cleaner and be washed. Just press the Push button on the bottom of the robotic vacuum cleaner and take it out.


The robot vacuum cleaner can quickly move around furniture legs, corners skirting boards without passing dirt and dust. Moreover, it absorbs, sweeps mop, wet and dry the floors.

JISIWEI I3 Smart Vacuum Cleaner Robot uniform penetration


Floor types such as wood, tile, carpet, and marble can be cleaned with the robot vacuum cleaner.

JISIWEI I3 Smart Vacuum Cleaner Robot suitable for different floor types


It’s great to have a vacuum machine which is compatible with all these floor types and can provide multiple functions.

Anti-Drop, Anti-Tangle Sensors, and Climbing Ability

Moreover, the JISIWEI I3 Smart Vacuum Cleaner Robot has an anti-drop, anti-tangle sensors, and climbing ability. The vacuum cleaner’s climb capability is 1.5 cm.
JISIWEI I3 Smart Vacuum Cleaner Robot climb ability, anti-tangle

These features allow the product to maneuver smoothly and safely. Even the electricity cable connectors lying on the floor or the carpets, these will not interrupt the working process of the cleaner.

Most of the processes of the JISIWEI I3 Smart Vacuum Cleaner Robot are automated. You can set the schedule for the cleaning process and choose which key should do the auto cleaning.


Another smart feature is when there is a need to be recharged. The cleaner can go back to the charging dock automatically. The functions which are not automated can be controlled with the remote control using the Apple or Android Mobile Smart Phone iPad App. All the aspects are thought out to facilitate the home cleaning and even the protection.

JISIWEI I3 Smart Vacuum Cleaner Robot smart recharging

Moreover, one of the advantages of the product, which I want to mention is that all these spare parts like filters, cleaning pad, etc. all can be purchased and replaced in case of need.

We can notice that it is a best friend of any housekeeper, not just a robotic cleaner.

Product Specifications

The JISIWEI I3 Smart Vacuum Cleaner Robot has a 2200 mAh Li-ion Battery. It is a high capacity rechargeable battery for max 120 min run time and 200 sq.m. cleaning area.

Anti-Collision Sensors and Seven Infrared Sensor

Under the camera, it has anti-collision sensors and seven infrared sensor receiver. The last one protects from damaging the furniture from clashes.

360-degree wheels

The wheels of the vacuum cleaner are specific 360-degree wheels. The brushes which are coming from the side of the cleaner do not leave any dust even in the small corners of the house.

Suction and Power

The product supports the suction (pa): 800 pa and power (W): 30 W.

Having these capabilities the working time is 2 hours, while the charging time is 3 hours. With these features, the I3 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner provides deep cleaning of the whole house.


At first sight, it will be a little bit confusing to understand how to use the product with its full functionality.  The user guide is only in English. Maybe not all the housekeepers around the world can understand how to use the technical functionalities in English, but if you are here reading this, you surely can.

Another point is that the application does not allow you to access the features found in the remote.

Conclusion and Final Verdict:

Having many similar products in the competitive market, the JISIWEI I3 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner can be easily distinguished among them with its multifunctional features. All the functionalities mentioned above and specifications make the house-cleaning process more thoroughly and interestingly.

Let’s agree that having the smart robotic cleaner with remote control and camera are not the features that you can meet in every product. It offers an appealing design along with high quality.

We recommend purchasing the JISIWEI I3 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.  Among the benefits is the things which are coming in the package of the product.

There are :

1 x Vacuum Cleaner, 1 x Remote Controller, 1 x Charging Dock, 1 x Adapter, 1 x Cleaning Brush, 1 x Bristle Brush, 4 x Side Brush, 1 x Mopping Pad, 1 x English User Manual

All the functionalities and features are detailed explained in English User Manual.

Please note that currently, you can find the product on GearBest.com website with  20% discount at a price of $164.03.

We Hope that our review will be useful for potential consumers to make a right decision in the future. Feel free to ask questions or add your opinions in the comment box.


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