Buy The JB – 02 Mushroom UV Light Photocatalytic Mosquito Killer For $8.00

Its summer time again, and those mosquitoes are getting themselves prepared for massive sucking and inflecting one with sickness. But this summer we at XiaomiToday would and are ensuring you and your family are saved from there attack. How do we plan to archive that? by simply bring you the cheapest and latest mosquitoes assassins that would affect your health. 2days back, we dropped the HNW-018 Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp LED Bug Zapper For $14.93 post and the response we got was massive and that lead to this post. For the people that feel the former is quite expensive, this mosquitoes killer is cheaper and perform similarly to the former. We call it assassins because this mosquitoes killer has no mercy, it lures the mosquitoes with its blue light, and immediately they get close, that’s all, they are gone. Gun straight to the mosquito head.

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The JB – 02 Mushroom UV Light Photocatalytic Mosquito Killer just like the HNW – 018 Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp LED Bug Zapper has a blue light at night and it is designed for daily use. It comes in 3 colors, light sky blue, green and pink. The mosquitoes blue UV light tends to attract mosquitoes and all other flying bugs to it, and if they re close, it carries out its elimination one after the other without mercy or pity. It is smokeless, tasteless, noiseless and does not have any poisonous chemical which may cause harm to the body. The light is gentle, soft and humanized, therefore, it can be used as a small nightlight.  It is perfect for kids sleeping at night because the light it produces is not too bright to wake the kids and it ensures that the room isn’t dark also.

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Main Features:

  • This electric mosquito killer adopts UV light to lure mosquito flying to the mosquito box, and the mosquito gets trapped till their death
  • Strong suction: the built-in DC fan is powerful to suck in mosquitoes, fly, moth, and small bugs into mosquito box
  • Safe to use, no radiation, safe to human and pets.
  • Whisper-quiet, it does not affect your sleep at all
  • No need insecticide: great for places where pesticides can’t be sprayed like kitchens and hospitals
  • USB port: it is powered by USB devices, such as a laptop, computer, adapter, power bank, and etc.
  • Portable design: it comes with a hand shank, convenient to hang on the high air and appeal to mosquito
  • Widely used: suitable for home, hotel, restaurant, school, park, and hospital, etc.


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