J Style 1638 Wristband – Six Heart Rate Training Zones Under $25

When it comes to our health and fitness, the more complete and easy to use a device, the better. And today we present a Smart bracelet whose simplicity of use will be very attractive for all. The J Style 1638 Wristband offers the best relationship between functions and quality while retaining a competitive price in the market. Prepare to make your sports routines more fruitful.

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J Style 1638 Wristband – Ready for the starting line

Design & Appearance

The dial of the J Style 1638 Wristband has dimensions of 4.32 x 1.68cm. In this way, the screen and heart rate monitor will fit perfectly to the wrist without disturbing. Also, it has a strap that is 24cm long so that it will fit comfortably into any arm.

J Style 1638 Wristband colors

A rounded design at the edges accompanies the entire length of the J Style 1638 Wristband, which even uses it for the edges of the strap. The strap is available in multiple colors: black, green, light green, yellow, orange and red.

Built & Protection

Designed for sports, the J Style 1638 Wristband has an IP67 certificate. It is not the best certificate, but it guarantees the operation of the bracelet when taking a shower or swimming.

J Style 1638 Wristband HR Monitor

The construction materials used in this gadget are the PC for the case and the silicone for the strap. An OLED touchscreen of 0.91″ will be responsible for providing us with the data we want, and it has a simple monochromatic configuration that will help the device to conserve the battery.

Battery Life

Thanks to the 70mAh battery that the J Style 1638 Wristband has, the band will last up to 7 days of continuous monitoring before needing a recharge. The recharge is through a standard USB port.

Features & Connectivity

The highlight of the J Style 1638 Wristband is definitely in its functions. The large number of sensors it has gives it the possibility of being one of completest smart bracelets on the market. It has constant monitoring of heart rate, 6 heart rate training zones, heating mode, fat burning, anaerobic and aerobic exercise modes, strenuous exercise, alert for any eventuality in heart rhythm, step counter thanks to pedometer, registration of distance, calories and time of activity, and percentage of daily objectives in the programmed activity. These data will be stored in the wristband for up to 30 days.

J Style 1638 Wristband features

If these functions were not enough, it also has the useful notifications for calls and messages, notifications of social networks, GPS, sedentary reminder, sleep tracking, Bluetooth connection, and OTA.

Selling Points

  1. Large number of functions with the heart rate monitor
  2. OLED screen.
  3. Ability to store up to 30 days of data


The J Style 1638 Wristband is one of the completest smart wristbands you’ll ever see in the market. If you are worried about your heart, you will not get a better device for monitoring it. You will be able to fulfill your sporting goals without any fear.

Price & Availability

At this time the J Style 1638 Wristband is available at Gearbest at the cost of $24.56.


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