(Review) iWOWNfit P1 GPS SmartWatch: Waterproof, 17 Sports Modes

When we talk about smartwatches, be it sports watches or a normal smartwatch a common perception is that they are costly gadgets. In fact, if you look at smartwatches from companies like Amazfit, and other Sports watches, this statement is somewhat true since they easily cost more than 100 USD for a decent smartwatch.

But the iWOWNfit P1 Smartwatch that today that we are talking about is one of the exceptional product which gives you all the impressive features like GPS, ECG, HR Monitoring. at an affordable price. Let’s review the iWOWNfit P1 power sports watch and find out whether it is worth the price. Let’s also discuss the pros and cons of this smartwatch so that you can get a real clarity on whether you should buy this device or look for an alternative fitness tracker.

Buy iWOWNfit P1 GPS SmartWatch For Just $56.84 On Gearbest

Buy iWOWNfit P1 GPS SmartWatch For Just $56.84 On Gearbest


The iWOWNfit P1 Smartwatch was packed in a white box with a glossy picture of i6HR in the front. When it opened, the dark green cardboard would be visible, lifting the dial out so it could easily be removed. Further in it, you get the black silicone strap with engraved patterns, very sporty and handy, otherwise, you get a manual and a USB charging cable. Impressively packed by iWOWNfit and safely delivered.


The iWOWNfit P1 Smartwatch had no charge immediately, so I let it charge for a while and turned it on. I was greeted with a pretty bright display and a cool boot animation and the next second I was on the home screen. To my surprise, the iWOWNfit P1 Smartwatch comes with a touch display, although you would have to get used to it if you have big fingers, otherwise, it would be enough. I put it in the band and strapped it to my wrist. It felt tactile and fit perfectly on bony wrists.

The iWOWNfit P1 Smartwatch has been built from the top to give you complete support when you play various sports. You will be accompanied by your health companion, who will constantly monitor your biometric data and provide you with details of your training so that you can better plan and achieve your health goals. The smart bracelet has a typical look at the body of the smart band pops out and sits on the silicon bracelet with the edges crossing the gap. The actual clock is 34 x 44 mm with an IPS touchscreen of 1.3 “with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels that is easy to read in both the sunshine and in a dark room.


The Smartband offers a multitude of possibilities when it comes to sports and lets you track your efforts for a range of sporting activities. The smartband has a continuous heart rate monitor function, Autosportkennung. Messages from your phone are displayed from different apps, and the 0.96 screen is bright enough to be viewed in direct sunlight. The Smartband recognizes 20 different sports and displays the data seamlessly on your home screen. It also has features like silent haptic alarm, call pickup to cancel with caller ID visibility, sleep monitoring, remote camera, and sedentary reminder.

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The 1.3-inch IPS color LCD display offers touch functionality, with the usual gestures (swipe left / right, long and short press). Despite the lack of automatic brightness, the display does its job well: the colors are bright, well contrasted and perfectly visible under direct sunlight or in the pool. Also present the possibility to change the watchface, choosing among the few available, although almost certainly you will find to use almost always the initial one.

The physical buttons perform exactly the same functions as the touch gestures, but they are much more practical and intuitive, especially during sports. At the bottom, we find the optical heartbeat sensor, set in a green plastic case back, in contrast with the black of the device. The sensor can be used to measure the one-off heartbeat or keep it always active for continuous measurement. During the sports activity, iWOWNfit P1 constantly measures the heartbeat, changing color according to the frequency and alerting the user in case of too high peaks. Another interesting feature is the ability to measure the level of tiredness and ECG through the heartbeat sensor and another electrode, located under the appropriate logo in the chest.

Software & Functions

To synchronize and make the most of iWOWNfit P1, you can use the iWOWNfit Pro app, recently renewed and complete with everything.

The iWOWNfit P1 sports watch is obviously equipped with all the basic functions related to fitness, accessible with a swipe up directly on the device. The pedometer is very accurate, especially in short routes: iWOWNfit recommends wearing P1 well and providing a description of your body to increase the accuracy of the measurements.

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Another upward swipe will show the calories burned screen, while the last one shows the hours spent standing up. On the home page, in addition to the time, you can get an overview of heart rate, calories and standing hours. In the settings, you can activate a reminder for a sedentary lifestyle, useful if you spend long days sitting.

As already mentioned, iWOWNfit P1 is able to measure the heart rate continuously: within the app, there is a special section with a chart and the average of its frequency. During sporting activities, thanks to the Illumi Run feature, the display background will flash to your beat and change color according to frequency, making information more visible.

Among the modalities, it is also possible to choose the Cooper cardiopulmonary training test (CPET) lasting 12 minutes, which tests the body’s maximum oxygen uptake and returns results that range from “very poor” to “excellent”.

On board of P1, there is also a GPS, which helps to track your training in a precise way. The hooking to the satellites can be slow inside, but once you leave the smartwatch outdoors it will take a few seconds to hook the signal, with a warning.

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The declared battery life is 5-7 days, always keeping the device on the wrist with heart rate monitoring always active, the battery died after almost 6 days. Obviously, the GPS affects the battery life, but despite several cycling outputs the declared duration has been widely respected.

7 Running Modes

iWOWNfit P1 GPS Sports Watch is made to be your training partner on the running trips. The clock has seven preset running modes; Freestyle, Distance, Duration, Endurance, Energy, Fat Combustion and Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPET) to get the most out of each run.


iWOWNfit P1 can recognize many different activities and sports, including running, biking, swimming, dancing and yoga and measuring how long you exercise, how far you run and your pulse. You can also start training manually and select sports from the menu. When you achieve your set goals, the watch reminds you of a vibration.

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Keep track of your heart rate and heart rate, both during the most intensive workouts and at rest. Behind the clock is a heart rate monitor that keeps track of your heart rate in real time so you know if you can take a little extra. Heart Rate Alert lets you receive alerts when you reach both the minimum and maximum of your heart rate.

Portable Phone

With an activity bracelet that also works as a smartwatch on your arm, it’s almost like having a small mini phone on your wrist. Via Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone, you can receive notifications and notifications to the clock from your phone. Read your text and see who’s calling. You can also set alarms, timing and hours. Should you take a nap or go to an important meeting, you can set the clock to “No disturb” so you will not be disturbed in the beauty sewing or during your presentation.

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The advertised battery life is 5-7 days. But to be accurate it should be a minimum 2 days and rest depends on your usage. I have tested this watch up to a week without using much of its core functions and just as a smartwatch. It lasted me around 5-6 days. But when I tested using all of its features like 24 hours HR, sleep tracking, activity tracking, and occasional fatigue test, it lasted me close to two days.


iWOWNfit P1 is a sports watch with interesting features and low price. The solidity and reliability make the device a faithful companion for your sporting activity, even if its nature completely devoted to the sport could discourage those looking for something more discreet.

The IWOWNFIT is an inexpensive smartwatch and fitness band and it is a fraction of the cost of an Apple Watch. It doesn’t run apps, but it does show notifications from your phone. The activity tracking is good and it monitors your heart rate and tracks you with GPS. The battery life is excellent and the watch is great for fitness fanatics. It is recommended.

iWOWNfit P1 GPS Sports Watch is now available on Gearbest just at $56.84.

Photos Credit: IGEEKPHONE

Buy iWOWNfit P1 GPS Sports Watch just at $56.849


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