Grab The IUBU Electric Treadmill Silent Indoor Walking Machine For Just $399.99

Last year, Xiaomi released its Treadmill which attracted so many person all over the world. The Xiaomi tread mill was a huge success, due to some factors which can be seen HERE. Just early this year,IUBU also known for the production of treadmill has also come with a portable treadmill just like its Xiaomi counterpart. This treadmill is quite amazing, comes with a whole lots of features and it would be a very good buy for anyone that chooses to get it.

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Main Features:

  • High-density and shock absorption EVA and metal materials
  • 4 inch LED screen display to show the current data at a glance
  • Connect the WeChat small routine to switch your sports mode
  • Connect the phone Bluetooth with the treadmill to analysis your physical conditions
  • Wide enough to make you run comfortably
  • Folding designto store easily
  • Mute motor to provide you with a strong power but silent environment to run
  • Suitable for home use 

The IUBU Multifunction Electric Treadmill looks like an ordinary treadmill which looks like a regular jogging track. The speed range is from 0.8 to 6 kilometers per hour – this is the maximum quickest step. It has a weight of 31 kg and supports a maximum load of 120 Kg which would be able to accommodate any human, regardless of how big, except extremely big. It has a running surface of 450mm x 1200mm which is wide enough for stable running. It is made of High-density and shock absorption EVA and metal materials. On the front, we can find a large 4 inch LED screen display which provides information about the exercise time and the speed reached(Data reached).

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The WalkingPad supports synchronization with your smartphone through Bluetooth which helps to analysis your physical conditions. After training, the WalkingPad can slide under the sofa due to its light thickness. The thickness of the track is only 6 cm, there is a wheel for easy and convenient transportation so you really don’t have to worry much about how to convey the walking Pad to its storage point.

Where To Buy The IUBU Electric Treadmill Silent Indoor Walking Machine

The IUBU Multifunction Electric Treadmill Silent Indoor Walking Machine is currently available on Gearbest for $399.99



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