[Best] Buy Ittar C19B Wireless Handheld Vertical Vacuum Cleaner for $109.99 only


6Ittar c19b

ITTAR, a Chinese brand has been manufacturing best class vacuum cleaners. Now the company has introduced ITTAR C19B. It is a dual-use wireless handheld vacuum cleaner ready to use it at home or in the car. It is designed with dual motor and sufficient power to support efficient cleaning. ITTAR C19B Wireless Handheld Vertical Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with HEAP filter system and a washable filter which can be cleaned easily from time to time. A powerful battery and variety of filters remove the dust from everywhere to keep your house or car clean. It is 1140 x 240 mm in size and easy to store.

Dual Motor power

The ground brush and main unit operate with independent motors which generate the efficient suction power to take out the dust from the cleaning area. It comes with soft and hard alternate floor brush for easy cleaning of dust. Its blue brush cleans the floor whereas, red soft brush wipes the ground. Moreover, you can use it for all kind of grounds at home or office i.e. carpet, floor, etc.

4 hours fast charging Battery

ITTAR C19B Wireless Handheld Vertical Vacuum Cleaner is loaded with heavy batteries which get charged in 4 hours only. It has LED indication system which blinks red on low battery and green on a full battery. Its intelligent control and stable discharge allow a battery life of 40 minutes in the normal mode of operation.

Honeycomb filtration system

The primary filter smashes the large particles and small dust in the form of a small cyclone into the dust cup. Further, it comes with High-density HEPA, made of high- density material for good filtration of dust and particles.

Cloth cleaning

Moreover, its other feature of cloth cleaning is quite attractive. It can clean bed mattresses, sofas, and other cotton fabrics. Which means now no dry cleaning bills will disturb your budget. In addition, you can also use it to pick up all kind of dust from leather gaps in your car.

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