iRadish i8 Review: Intelligent Outdoor Bluetooth Smartwatch

A new product review on XiaomiToday is in front of you today. We are fans of affordable gadgets, and it’s a pleasure getting to review the newest pieces from the Chinese manufacturers that are trying to win the market share with interesting features and low prices. Today we’re reviewing iRadish i8 smartwatch, a model that draws attention.

iRadish i8 Smartwatch feature: a closeup of the watch next to coffee mug


Screen size

1.54 inch

CPU model


CPU speed


Screen resolution


Touch module

Touch panel

Watch strap



Built in 8 Ohm/0.8 speaker


Built in

Battery type

Lithium-ion polymer battery

Battery capacity

3.7V/ 300mAh


Test Pressure, Relative altitude, and temperature


Dial, SMS + Phonebook Sync, Music, Pedometer, Calculate, Calendar, Clock, Camera remote, Sedentary reminder, Sleep Monitor, Anti-lost, Altimeter, Barometer

OS Support

IOS and Android


Version 4.0

USB type

Micro USB Slot


English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Thai


Dimensions & product weight

Main Product Dimensions

41 x 50 x 9 mm (L x W x D)

Inner strap length using the last hole


Inner strap length using the first hole


Main Product Weight



iRadish i8 Packaging up front on the table. Cardboard box and the watch itself.

The Iradish i8 package contained a nice cardboard box with a logo of Iradish. Within the box, you will find the following items:

1x iRadish i8 smartwatch

1x USB micro cable

1x Plastic protector

1x English manual.

This is a common packaging setup, and a decent packaging unit holds everything you need.

iRadish i8 Design

The iRadish i8 smartwatch resembles a lot of the Apple iWatch. The watch body is made of plastic and metal. The wristband is made from plastic with ten pinholes which we can use to fit the watch to the wrist. By its weight of 66-gram, it doesn’t feel heavy, and it fits perfectly on the hand.

iRadish i8 Design - back side of the watch, held in hand, displaying the bottom side

On the left side of the i8 smartwatch, there is one big button which we can use to switch on/off whenever we push that button and hold it for few seconds. By clicking the button once, the watch will be unlocked, and we will be able to see the time on it. Under the button, a micro USB socket is located with a small microphone, while on the right side, we can see a little speaker grille.

iRadish i8 Design - held in hand, on the right side.


The iRadish i8 smartwatch display is encased in bezels on all sides, with a rectangular shape, which is pretty standard appearance today.


The display of the iRadish i8 smartwatch features 240X240 resolution, which is a bit low for the market standards.


The iRadish i8 comes with an array of interesting features that will help you stay in shape and healthy. You will be able to monitor your daily physical activities with a Pedometer and make sure that you are getting enough sleep with a built-in Sleep Monitor.


The function that most of the office workers will appreciate is a Sedentary Reminder; iRadish i8 will never let you spend your day stuck behind the desk, and it will nudge you at the regular intervals to take a break, walk around and get your eyes off the screen. But if you are spending a lot of time outdoors, and sedentary lifestyle is not something that you are worried about, then, we suggest you to check out the iRadish UV sensor that can detect the amount of sunlight you are being exposed to during the day.


Also there are other features like:

Call Log: by opening this function, you will see the following menu:

1) Missed call – Display the missed call on the phone. Also, it can dial the corresponding contact.
2) Dialed calls – Display phone dialed calls. Also, it can dial the required contact.
3) Answered calls – Display the phone calls you have answered, also, it can dial the corresponding contact.
4) All calls – Display phone call reports of all calls.

Music: The music that is stored on the phone can be easily played by the iRadish watch.
Remote camera: It can remotely turn on / off the phone camera, by pressing the “Confirm” button to take the pictures.

Our opinion

We are very pleased with the new iRadish i8 smartwatch as it has succeeded in leaving a great impression in all of the fields we have examined. The price is yet another great feature of iRadish i8, and we have been saving this info for the end of the review because this smartwatch is on a discount and you can get it from the following online stores for a really cheap price:

Get iRadish i8 from for $54.99 USD / 361.3 CNY

iRadish i8 Score:
  • Design - 6.5/10
  • Display - 4/10
  • Features - 8.5/10
User Rating 4 (1 vote)


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