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IQI I6 smartwatch

Regardless of whether you wish to influence calls, to send messages, peruse the web, or check online networking – the IQI I6 savvy telephone underpins everything. Because of its sleek and top of the line plan, this wonderful thingamajig can be worn with certainty at some random event. Take your network to the higher level with the I6 3G Smartwatch Phone. This cutting-edge telephone watch includes an Android working framework and backings 1 IMEI number – making it far beyond a standard smartwatch. Just slide in your SIM card and you’ll have the capacity to appreciate all customary Android cell phone features straight from your wrist.

IQI I6 smartwatch

Outline and Display

The IQI I6 smartwatch offers 4G support, allowing you to make calls and use the internet, without the need for the iPhone. The IQI I6 smart watch definitely belongs to the best smartwatches of 2018 and is also the most popular of the moment.

On its fresh 1.3-Inch show, this telephone watch treats you to clear visuals whatever time of the day. You’ll moreover be dealt with to a 400mAh battery that backing days of backup time and a few hours of ceaseless use time. With GPS bolster you can be guaranteed that you’ll never get lost again and an inherent 2MP camera gives you a chance to shoot dazzling pictures and HD video in a hurry. The watch telephone even includes Bluetooth availability. This enables you to match it with your cell phone and utilize it alongside the entirety of its highlights without expecting to embed a SIM.

IQI I6 smartwatch

The stylish wearable is suitable for both ladies and gentlemen and runs on DDR3 2GB, EMMC 16GB with IQI I6 smart watch own operating system. This OS comes with a heart rate monitor app. Thanks to the fast processor and built-in loudspeaker, the smart assistant can talk to the user. In addition, IQI I6 smartwatch is swim-proof, the new smartwatch is watertight to 50 meters deep.


The IQI I6 smartwatch is equipped with a rotatable rotating ring, to quickly browse through your apps or messages. Remarkably, the IQI I6 smartwatch does not run on the Android operating system, as is the case with the Galaxy smartphones. IQI uses its own OS for the watches. Although the company releases one smartphone model every year, the vast majority of the range is still based on Android. Many people wonder whether the IQI I6 smartwatch of the future will probably run on the Android OS.

IQI I6 smartwatch


Numerous intelligent coaching functions are built in for sports activities, such as an advanced activity tracker and a barometric altimeter, allowing the watch to keep track of height differences or the number of stair treads that have been climbed. Also, a GPS function is not lacking and besides it is, of course, possible to listen to music, great during an intensive training.


Inside its smooth body, this Android smartwatch packs some advanced equipment. A Quad-Core processor is set up alongside 2GB of RAM. what’s more, 16GB of inside memory can give it for store android recreations, and considerably more. Together, this equipment gives you a chance to appreciate all the fundamental Android highlights and applications out there. You’ll approach the Play Store, implying that you can simply download the most recent versatile diversion of your preferring. With WiFi and 3G bolster, you can even peruse the web regardless of where you’re at. With the I6 3G Smartwatch Phone at your wrist, you’ll generally remain inside reach to loved ones.

IQI I6 smartwatch

The IQI I6 smart watch frontier is the current top models within the smartwatch line-up. In addition to the appearance, there is one important difference that makes the IQI I6 smart watch frontier one of the best. This offers 3G / 4G connectivity, allowing the smartwatch to function as a standalone smartwatch. In other words, you do not have to make a link with your smartphone.

IQI I6 smartwatch

At the beginning of 2017, IQI I6 introduced the Watch 2. This can be purchased in two variants, a classic or sporty model. Shortly after the introduction, the reactions were immediately overwhelmingly positive, the smartwatch is also full of sensors and is also equipped with 4G connectivity. In expert reviews, this smartwatch was regularly the best in the test. The IQI I6 smartwatch is the latest IQI I6 smartwatch. Thanks to a renewed design and advanced features, this is the best smartwatch that IQI I6  has ever made.


The IQI I6 Watch has been completely redesigned and already available from tomorrow, via pre-sale. The most remarkable addition is advanced heart rate monitoring. In addition, you can customize the IQI I6 smartwatch to your own taste styles using one of the matching IQI I6 straps. So you can opt for a classic look or a more sporty look. There are also special Nike and Hermès straps for sale for this watch.

Another new feature that makes the IQI I6 Watch the best smartwatch ever is the electric hard impact sensor. Thanks to the proactive health monitor you automatically receive a warning when you have a too high or low heart rate. There is also a fall detection and SOS emergency notification processed.

IQI I6 smartwatch

The new IQI I6  smartwatch is also equipped with additional types of workouts for yoga and walking. Runners receive notifications about the pace and pace and at a glance you can see up to 5 types of measurement data, regardless of the type of work-out.




Games and Health Tracker, I6 3G Smartwatch Phone can record your day by day steps, calories, and separation. Tell you your game’s information, alter your activity program and get a more advantageous life. I4 exact pulse sensor for continuous pulse measure.Support 3G/GPS/WIFI: 2G GSM 800/900/1800/1900 and 3G WCDMA850/2100, effortlessly stack into Google Store for more applications you need. Built-in GPS and wellness applications prop you up, you will never miss your path even without your telephone.

More beautiful and more elaborate than a heart rate watch You now see all kinds of new smartwatch watches and that’s why we look at how you can run with an IQI I6 smartwatch. Runners want to see more and more on their watch and also take their phone with them. And now there is the problem: while your smartphone has almost the same and more functions, the heart rate monitors are pretty much the same.

IQI I6 smartwatch

1 Heart rate monitor


3 Chipset / processor


Heart rate monitor

The heart rate monitor function ensures that you can really use it as a fitness tracker. A reliable continuous heart rate measurement during exercise gives you live feedback on the degree of intensity that you are exercising.

It goes much further. The IQI I6 smartwatch is equipped with new heart sensors. They can warn the user if the heart rate is dangerously accelerated or too low. By applying special electrodes the watch can also make a cardiogram (ECG) itself.



GPS makes IQI I6 smartwatch really more multifunctional. The distance, the speed, and all averages are much more accurate than when there is a motion sensor to measure these values. You can usually also easily navigate with it. You can count on a surcharge of 50 to 150 euros for internal GPS.

IQI I6 smartwatch


The last 3 is the chipset. A modern fast chip makes the use of your IQI I6 smartwatch a lot nicer. Speed and simplicity of use are one of the success factors for the permanent use of a smartwatch.


Photographing with the new IQI I6 watch  smartphone

Furthermore, the IQI I6 watch s Max has an improved digital camera. The mobile device is equipped with a 12-megapixel dual camera with an f / 1.8 wide-angle lens and an f / 2.4 telephoto lens. Both lenses have an optical image stabilization. For zooming in there is 10x digital zoom and 2x optical zoom available. The portrait mode has been improved, for extra beautiful bokeh effects and depth control. Videos record the top model in 4K resolution with a frame rate of 60bps. Making slow-motion videos is also possible, in Full HD resolution @ 240bps.


A 7-megapixel TrueDepth camera with an f / 2.2 lens has been implemented at the front. This camera is ideal for taking beautiful portrait photos, the camera also supports smart HDR. Videos make this camera in Full HD quality @ 60bps. In addition, the device is equipped with a Retina flash. The popular Animoji have also been expanded, allowing users to create even more creative GIF images and share them with friends and family.

IQI I6 smartwatch

As you can expect from IQI I6 watch, there are no concessions when it comes to the housing. Only qualitative materials have been used, including stainless surgical steel, high-grade aluminum and the strongest glass in the industry. In addition, the IQI I6 watch s Max is certified to the IP68 standard, making the device dust and watertight up to 2 meters deep, for 30 minutes.


The IQI I6 watch has a new digital camera, which uses machine learning to ensure that the people in the foreground are sharp and the background is pretty vague. It is also possible to adjust the focal depth of portraits afterward. In addition, the device is equipped with HDR, for extra colorful recordings.

IQI I6 watch has not reported anything about the battery capacity yet. It is clear that the IQI I6 watch’s Max lasts up to 1.5 hours longer than the IQI I6 watch, this device is equipped with a 2.716 mAh battery. Thanks to the glass back, it is also possible to charge the smartphone wirelessly.


Best smartwatch


The IQI I6 smartwatch is easy to use via the touchscreen. The crown, which the first IQI I6 smartwatch did have, cannot be found in the new model. Some find this a disadvantage, those may be better to wait for the IQI I6 smartwatch. This is because the Chinese manufacturer has enough innovative ideas regarding a new smartwatch operation. In addition, IQI I6 smartwatch works on a 3D display technology, which can be used for both smartwatches and smartphones.


Although the smartwatch market is booming, in 2018 noticeably few new smartwatches have been announced. If you are still patient, it is definitely worth waiting for the new generation of smartwatches.

Ultimately, it remains very personal what the best smartwatch is for you. Ask yourself the question; what do you want to use the watch for, which functions do I find important and how much money am I willing to spend on it. Through many comparison sites you can easily compare all specs and prices, so you can make an informed decision about IQI I6 smartwatch.

Sales of company

Four years ago only 5 million smartwatches were sold worldwide. In 2018 worldwide sales are expected to rise to no less than 140 million. This significant increase will lead manufacturers to rapidly develop new innovations. Just like our IQI I6 smartwatch, the smartwatch will also become smarter.

For example, it is in line with expectations that this year the first smartwatch with artificial intelligence will be announced. A trend that has already been used for smartphones, TVs and other home appliances.

IQI I6 smartwatch

Worldwide the IQI I6  Watch is by far the most sold smartwatch, now we have arrived at the fourth generation. The Watch 4 has received a lot of new elements in terms of both design and functions, it is the largest IQI I6  Watch ever.

In addition to a new display with beautifully rounded corners, there is also a new Digital Crown with tactile feedback built into it. Due to the narrower edges, 30% more image area can be used. Moreover, the smartwatch is equipped with LTPO, so the battery lasts all day.



The I6 3G Smartwatch Phone is a Pre-Order Product that is relied upon to be dispatched. You Can Pre-Order I6 3G Smartwatch Phone. Beautiful Android smartwatch gives you a chance to appreciate every one of your telephones highlights from your wrist bolster.



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