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Are you looking for a multi-functional Smartwatch Phone? Let’s talk about IQI I4 Plus smartwatch phone. It’s a smart watch phone with lots of amazing features and attractive design. In this article, every pros and con of IQI I4 Plus will be discussed. If you want to get a full ‘IQI I4 Plus 3G Smartwatch Phone’ product review, then follow me.

IQI I4 Plus Review

Now I am gonna discuss the main features of IQI I4 Plus. There are lots of exciting features and that’s the reason why IQI I4 Plus is not only a smartwatch but also a smartwatch phone; a smartphone in your wrist. Let’s go see the features.

The Hardware, like a High Configured Smartphone

It’s a smartwatch phone of IQI brand. Its hardware configuration is incredible. The operating system is Android 5.1 lollipops version, which can be upgraded later to the newest version of IQI I4.

The RAM is 1GB with 16 GB ROM and MTK6850 Quad Core 1.3GHz processor. See, the Quad Core 1.3GHz processor, this is amazing, huh? The 1 GB RAM is more than enough and the multi-tasking performance of IQI I4 Plus like apps downloading, playing music, GPS navigator is faster because of 1 GB RAM.

Its display configuration is good enough. The AMOLED HD 1.39 inch screen is enough for a smart watch phone. Screen resolution is  400 x 400 pixels which will give you a great experience with your pictures, videos, and other display staffs. It supports pictures with JPG, PNG, BMP, JPEG, and mp4 video formats. The Pro version came with HD display where it was HQ in the previous version.

It doesn’t support any external memory but it’s not a big deal. You will get 16 GB internal memory and it’s enough.

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Full Access to Phone Calls and Messages

There is a nano sim card slot and you can dial or answer a phone call from your IQI I4 Plus smartwatch phone. You can send or receive messages as well.

You will get the opportunities of call logs, phone books, speaker and synchronization. You can synchronize your information with your other smartphones like message synchronization. IQI I4 Plus is compatible with Android and IOS OS in case of synchronization and other related staffs.

Even you can use voice commands to make a phone call. This is smart and updated.

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High and Updated Network Configuration

Let’s see the network configuration of IQI I4 Plus. As you have seen in the title, it’s network configuration is incredible.

Its network type is GSM+WCDMA and it supports 2G/3G connections. It’s a GPS and WiFi enabled smartwatch phone.

It’s Bluetooth version is 4.0 and faster. You can use this feature for different purposes like Bluetooth phone calls, Bluetooth music playing, remote camera control etc. Its Bluetooth range is around 6-10 meter.

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Health Monitor, a Real Assistant for You

IQI I4 Plus offers you pedometer which counts the walking steps you take and the total distance for you. It’s helpful if you love to walk or you have to walk for your health issues and you want to keep your walking track.

You can see your heart rate with the heart rate sensor. IQI I4 Plus can detect your heart rate but if you have to wear it in your wrist if you want to detect your heart rate.

It has a health reminder feature which reminds you to exercise and work properly.

It offers you other health features like sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder etc.

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Connect Throughout the World, Access to Multiple Apps

This time you will get the real smartphone features. You can download multiple apps like Facebook, Google, Skype and everything supported on Android 5.1 version.

You can use the GPS navigator to find the locations. You can use voice commands for many tasks like google voice search or google assistant. You can see the weather conditions or use the GPS to find your exact location. You can surf the whole internet via Google, Facebook, YouTube and so on.

As you have seen already you can access google assistant in your IQI I4 Plus, it’s interesting. You can call someone, play a music or find a location over just a voice command.

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Supports Multi-languages

It supports more than 20 languages which make IQI I4 Plus a global smartwatch phone. If you love to travel or you have to travel throughout the countries, then it’s helpful for you in different situations.

Strong Battery Life

IQI I4 Plus came with a 400 mAh Li-lion battery wherein its previous version it was 350 mAh. The battery is stronger, powerful and durable. It can support you around 3 days at a stress in case of normal usage.

Other exciting features

IQI I4 Plus is offering many exciting features. You have already seen the most exciting features of IQI I4 Plus. Now let’s talk about the remaining features.

You can use alarms, calculator, E-Book, Browser, MP3/MP4 support, pop up notifications, sound recorder etc in your daily activities.

You can upgrade to the latest version of IQI I4 when it’s available.

You will get an English User manual to get everything clear about IQI I4 Plus.

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Design And Appearance

You have already seen the amazing features of  IQI I4 Plus. Now Let’s move on to something else about IQI I4 Plus.

In these days of an updated era, you know a smartwatch phone or a watch is not simply a phone or watch, it’s more about a watch like its appearance in your wrist, it’s designed it’s a factor that can enhance your appearance. So let’s talk about its design.

It’s a perfect smartwatch phone for those people who love to get attached with technology things always. Its appearance is eye-catching. Its weight is about 0.0950 kg makes it more comfortable in your wrist.

The round shaped display and AMOLED HD screen makes its appearance more attractive.

IQI I4 Plus is an amazing smartwatch phone with a great fashion outlook as well.

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Some More Words About  IQI 14 Plus

As you have seen everything about  IQI I4 Plus, you can realize how cool it is. There is nothing to tell bad about  IQI I4 Plus, but it could have a feature like front face camera. That could make IQI I4 Plus a little bit more up-to-date.


If you have gone through the whole article, you know everything about  IQI I4 Plus now. It’s like you can do everything you need to do on your wrist with IQI I4 Plus. The exciting features and updated hardware and software components make it a better option if you need one. Go give a try with amazing  IQI I4 Plus 3G Smartwatch Phone.


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